Nathan Squiers Interview Continued

Crimson Shadow: Noir

Nathan Squiers, talented Fantasy Horror Writer. Vampire Empire had an awesome opportunity to interview The Literary Dark Prince vampire series author of Crimson Shadow: Noir.

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This is a continuation of our awesome interview with The Literary Dark Prince himself. His books are receiving 5 star reviews across the board and the first book of the vampire series actually received 10 out of 5 stars from one book reviewer.

Vampire Empire Interviews Vampire Book Series Author Continues

... Constance: Well, I have to tell you, I read Wicked Paints, the prequel to Crimson Shadow and it scared the bejesus out of me.

Nathan: Oh, I’m sorry.

Constance: (laughs) Why did I get the feeling that after that book that I should be afraid of Xander Stryker?

Nathan: I don’t think that you necessarily have to be afraid of Xander Stryker. I think that you need to be afraid of seeing in Xander’s head. In a lot of ways Elizabeth from Wicked Paints is a super natural radio receiver and she saw things in Xander’s head that people are not supposed to and that’s what drove her into that… that place that you saw in Wicked Paints.

Xander never intended for her to see those thoughts. He never wanted anybody to see anything like that. I really wanted to sort of emphasize just how torture he was by saying this is what happens when a person sees in his head.

Interviewer (Constance): For the people watching this, if you have not read Wicked Paints prior to reading Crimson Shadow please go back and read it. It’s an excellent read and it made me a fan. I can’t wait to read the rest of your writings. Actually why don’t you tell us about the rest of your writings. What else do you have out there published?

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): Currently published I have, obviously Wicked Paints and Crimson Shadow Noir. I’d say about seven or eight months back I released Death Metal which was actually accepted the other day. Well not the other day, about a month or so ago by Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing who did Noir. Death Metal’s currently off the market while it’s being prettied up for a rerelease. But I’ve also got some short stories tied to the Crimson Shadow series that are debuting this June.

Actually I’m gonna start releasing short stories, I’d wanna say about biweekly after June first. There’ll be a little 99 cent story and film *inaudible* that’ll lead into book two whenever that is this Fall.

Interviewer (Constance): That sounds exiting. Are you pretty excited about that?

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): I’m very excited about it. The Crimson Shadow Series, I started writing about ten years ago so I’ve been working with Xander and developing Xander I’d say for, I don’t know two-thirds of my life.

So to see it actually begin to come to fruition, to see something become of it and see other people entertained by it is really exciting.

Interviewer (Constance): I’ll bet. I bet that is really exciting, the books are awesome. I see Amazon & Kindle have a great love for you and also the comments that you receive on your books on Amazon are just– I mean you’re five stars across the board. Every time I check a comment it’s just, they’re raving about you’re writing skills, the book, the content itself. Also I’ve heard recently, I actually heard this today, that you received a review that you just obtained 10/5 star rating. How does that happen?

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): (laughs) Apparently the reviewer, the reviewer actually came to me after the fact and said that they too had a very troubling past. It was one of those situations, you made me see my own past but then kind of motivated me with Xander’s strength.

In a lot of ways I think for that reviewer the book did what its supposed to do to people like that, show them that they’re not alone. They’re not the only ones suffered in that way. I think that’s one of the reasons that a lot of people seem to like the product so much. It’s just because everyone in some way can relate to being abused, to being *inaudible* and I think that the fact that Xander is able to overcome that not only becomes something greater than those that oppressed him but actually kick their asses. It’s something that people really do enjoy getting a side on.

Interviewer (Constance): You’re mic cuts out every once in a while, I can mostly make out what you’re saying but I just wanted to make you aware of that in case there’s something you can do on your end to stop that.

Can you also tell us possibly what you might have in store for us in the future? Any projects in works?

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): I’m trying to fix my mic and see if I can dial us out a little bit more. Can you hear me now?

Interviewer (Constance): Yes, thank you.

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): Okay there’s a bit of a delay on your end so I just need to be waiting for the audio to come through.

In the near future, obviously like I said there are some short stories coming out and Book Two I say is coming out probably late Fall or early Winter. To date I’ve only released, I’d wanna say, set for somewhere around the Halloween release. Around that same time I have an anthology that I’m working on with a publisher called Grim Inventions that pertains to supernatural and paranormal revenge stories. I’m still collecting submissions for that so if anybody’s interested find me and ask me any details you might have. And then in 2013 obviously, the rest of the Crimson Shadow installments come out. I think probably every four to six months and that’s a seven book series so people will have a lot of Xander Stryker to look forward too.

Interviewer (Constance): That sounds awesome. You mentioned your first exposure to vampire in film or TV. What is your favorite vampire movie?

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): Gee that puts me in the spot. In a lot of ways I’d have to say there are subcategories of my favorite vampire films.

Interviewer (Constance): Okay.

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): I’m a big fan of vampires as action heroes so I’m inclined to say Underworld.

Interviewer (Constance): Love it.

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): But at the same time I love scary vampires so, like the newest Fright Night was incredible in my opinion. But I mean there’s so many categories of vampire as savvy action star, as the horror character, as the villain, as the protagonist. I was a big fan of Queen of the Dammed because I love nude *inaudible* It’s very hard to go wrong for me.

Interviewer (Constance): You know what, I feel the same way, big fan of Queen of the Dammed right here. I can name probably ten others that I’m a huge fan of but that’s awesome. I really enjoy that you’ve enjoyed that and written so well from it. You’re very talented.

I didn’t introduce myself at the beginning of this video. This is Constance from Vampire-Empire dot com. That’s vampire dash empire dot com and again I’m talking to Nathan Squiers, talented fantasy-horror author and The Literary Dark Prince. Nathan did you have anything else that you wanna say to our fans before we check out for the night?

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): Sure, I’m never sure how introduce the subject but I don’t like to keep fans, I feel that it’s a condescending term on my behalf just because so many people have helped to make this possible for me. So rather than calling people fans, I have The Legion. It’s The Legion of Nathan Squiers and kinda goes hand in hand with The Literary Dark Prince.

I openly welcome any who are interested in learning more about my work or even giving me the chance to entertain them to join The Legion.

You could search it on Facebook, you can find it easily it's just The Legion of Nathan Squiers and that’s actually run by some other people but if you go through there you can find a lot of my information. They tend to keep up with me better than I keep up with myself.

Interviewer (Constance): And you also have a website?

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): I do

Interviewer (Constance): And obviously Nathan can be found on Google Plus, if you’re not on Google Plus get there, it’s awesome.

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): Yes it is.

Interviewer (Constance): Nathan thank you so much for sharing your time with us tonight. We really did appreciate it and it was a pleasure meeting you. Maybe we could do this again on the future and open it up to some of your legion and have them ask question and go from there.

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): Absolutely, thank you so much for having me.

Interviewer (Constance): Thank you Nathan, good night.

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): Good night.

...Part I - Nathan Squiers Interview Can Be Found Here...

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