New Moon Review

by Caroline
(Indiana, US)

New Moon

New Moon

This is my New Moon review. My favorite vampire movie is New Moon. It is part of the Twilight Saga and the sequel to Twilight.

While Twilight was an interesting execution of the basic plotline of the book, New Moon far surpassed it.

With the use of a new director for New Moon, the actors really shone.

This New Moon review begins with Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, and her dream about being older than her boyfriend Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson, who is eternally frozen at age 17.

She wakes up and is upset by her 18th birthday. While vampire Edward's family, the Cullen family, is enthusiastic about celebrating her birthday, she is horrified by the fact that she has grown older than her vampire boyfriend.

At the party, she gets a paper cut while opening her gift. The scent of blood sets off the fledgling vampire family member who is still sensitive to the smell of human blood, Jasper.

Jasper attacks Bella and Edward shoves her out of the way into a pile of glass plates. The resulting bloodshed drives the rest of the family out of the room while the vampire father, Carlisle, cleans up Bella’s wounds.

That night, Edward decides to leave Bella. The next day, he tells her that his family is moving away and that she’s not invited to come with him.

She sinks into severe depression. When she comes out of it, she starts to spend time with one of her old friends, Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner.

He starts to heal her emotional wounds, but then abruptly leaves her. He turns out to be a werewolf and a mortal enemy of the vampires. Now we know why this film is called New Moon.

It is also dangerous for him to be around her, because he loses control when he shifts between man and wolf.

Bella is being hunted by a red-haired vampire named Victoria, who wants to avenge her mate. Jacob starts running new patterns to try to protect Bella.

Meanwhile, Bella jumps off a cliff for an adrenaline rush that causes her to see visions of Edward.

The Cullen in New Moon who can see the future, Alice, sees that Bella jumped off that cliff and thinks that she committed suicide.

Edward is notified of this development and tries to kill himself.

Bella has to go to Italy with Alice to save him. They end up back together with a happy ending.

The New Moon movie is intense and filled with action and suspense. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And, although Twilight was decent, New Moon blows it out of the water and is a great action film.

And this is my New Moon review.

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new moon
by: Anonymous

I luv new moon . because Edward will need to be rescued but Bella will not let him dead over her body

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