Queen Of The Damned

by Dennis Giesbrecht
(Izmir, Turkey)

DANCING AKASHA from Queen of The Damned

DANCING AKASHA from Queen of The Damned

AALIYAH was the perfect AKASHA, The QUEEN OF THE DAMNED! Stuart Townsend did an awesome job of Lestat - very subtle.

More tempered than Tom Cruise's Lestat for obvious reasons - he'd been asleep for a while and was high on the new century's music and worship of DARKNESS, which he tapped into so well.

He was like a totally new person because he could finally show himself as the vampire he was as he had always wanted to do as the scene with the gypsys and violin repartee shows.

My favourite part of Queen Of The Damned is when AKASHA enters the Vampire bar and rips the heart out of a vampire and then turns them all into flaming carcasses until they all blow away into ash and she leaves the bar through a wall of flames all to Chester Bennefield's song, SYSTEM.

The only thing I DIDN'T like about this vampire movie was that they combined BOTH the Vampire Lestat AND Queen of the Damned into one film and changed some of the history, such as Lestat's origin.

I couldn't and can't understand how and why Anne Rice allowed this to happen.

But in spite of these few glitches, Queen of the Damned is still an all time favorite.

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Akasha Lestat

Akasha And Lestat 

Exquite vampire drawing!'Come out, come out, wherever you are. Akasha (Aaliyah) and Lestat de Lioncourt (Stuart Townsend)- "Queen of the Damned" ('02)...


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by: vron

Best movie I ever saw.

vampires are hot tttttt
by: hot vampire

holy snapppppppp I love lestat he is so hot I would so join him I also love akasha she knows how to treat a vampire :) this movie is the best

Queen Aaliyah
by: aaliyah

i loooovveeeeeeeee aaliyah and i will always love her... sweet classy alliyah ♥

queen of r'n'b.... my love-heart-everything :-***

One of the Greats
by: Constance

Finally... someone submitted a review of Queen of The Damned! What kind of vampire site would we be without adding one of the all time favorite vampire movies?

Thank you Dennis. Great write up!


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