Recall - Vampire Poetry

by April

Vampire Poetry


I will never forget the millennium,
Once again I rise to the night
Ages seem as countless yesterdays
The past but a flicker in time

I am lost to my youth
The decades have spiraled beyond memory
My ageless body a mere flask
Holding dear centuries of the wisdom and horror of mankind.

I gaze upon humanity to witness such ignorance ,
They kill one another in the name of peace,
And rot their minds with radical swill.
Scurrying about with unobtainable ambitions.

Others turn to a world hidden from the sun.
Set within an unwritten history of ages past.
They long for salvation,
And the half life of a dark predator.

These humans cling to a fascination -
My kind shall deliver them from their mundane lives
Should they call upon us....
Foolish are the mortals who entrust us to their final breath.

This is not a game
To be played by children.
Nor for the muse
Of the insane.

The flower you chose to pick
Shall wither in your hand
Like icicles in a candles flame.
Are you that willing for us to drain your life ?

Darkness is not the pathway to the light.....
The light is the darkness chosen by the soul
For unto us all it is a different path to tread
To some is embraced and beautiful, while others brood it as a curse.

Tread with caution my sweet for death lurks beneath that beauty
Should you choose our wrath.
Our gift is as rare as the frailest orchid-
Meant only for those with the soul for the task.

Seek what you will from us-
But keep it hushed , never to leave your lips in boast....
Never to be given to a common fool.....
Lest the pedals fall at your grave.


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