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Scarecrow vampire fangs are some of the most popular vampire teeth caps. These highly sought after vamp fangs are very realistic looking and come in different sizes. One of the things well liked about the scarecrow fangs is the custom fit.

scarecrow vampire fangs
Scarecrow Fangs
Fake fangs now look WAY more like real fangs and actually allow you to function while wearing them.

The pair featured on this page are Custom Scarecrow Fangs. We have many other available so feel free to check out all our vampire fangs.

According to the manufactuerer, the scarecrow custom fangs featured here are quick, easy, and totally realistic! These dental fit fangs use a specially formulated dental material for fitting; which forms a permanent mold of your tooth inside each fang cap.

This patented approach means you get a tight, rigid, snap-fit and allows for use again and again. Kit contains everything needed to fit your fangs on the spot with no additional utensils needed. Includes one pair of custom fangs and a customizing kit.

They are not recommended for children under the age of 12 and parental discretion advised.

One thing you should keep in mind with the newer style fake fangs is that although they look so much more like real fangs than the old style vampire fangs we used to have to deal with, they are also a bit more work to get 'just right' but well worth it.

The plastic (included) needs to be heated and inserted into the vampire teeth caps. This forms a perfect mold around your teeth and (after drying time) provides for and allows a perfect fit. It may take a couple of trys to get it just right but as I mentioned well worth it.

If you don't get it right, dip the vampire fang in hot water, wait a few seconds and lift out the plastic. Voila', fresh fangs.

Also, many people mention this particular set run on the larger side so if your teeth are small these may not be the best custom fit for you.

Need em' smaller? No Problem! Head on over to our Sexy Bites page.

There are other styles and shapes of vampire fangs available here.

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