Scary but Romantic

by Danalee

I was walking home on a rainy night and all of a sudden I find myself trapped in the clutches of a vampire.

He tells "shh... please don't scream" but I keep struggling out of his clutches. I know who he is. He's the hot new kid in school but the question is; what does he want with me?

Next thing I knew I blacked out. When I woke up I found myself tied up to a chair and felt the blood dripping from my neck. I started to panic. I was about to scream when someones cold hand covered my thin mouth. But even if he did I still screamed even if it was pointless.

"No one can hear you" he tells me. that's when I give it a rest and waited to hear what he has to say. "... I'm not an ordinary person... I'm vampire and now - so are you" this turns from the freaky to the freakier.

I said nothing for a while and then I said "well what do you want with me?" and he immediately answered "love." "Well you can't have it. you know nothing of me" but all he could say as a response is he knows how he feels about me and that he knew i was worth loving ever since we met a few months ago in art class. he says he kept a close eye on me ever since and now he is sure he loves me. i don't believe him there must be something more, there must be a catch. next thing i knew he was leaning towards me with his cold hands on my face and pressed his lips on mine, it was that moment that i felt a spark. i suddenly knew i could trust him. as he then slowly unties me he asked me to run away with him and without another minute i said yes. the next thing we did was went to bed. seperate beds of course. I'm only 14.
and as i slept through tonight i was exited that i will see him again the very next day...

TO MY FELLOW READERS: I HOPED YOU ENJOYED IT AND THIS STORY WILL CONTINUE SOON AND IF YOU WANT ME TO ADD SOMETHING TO THE STORY ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS COMMENT... I'LL BE WAITING. and this is the real beginning of scary but romantic. the other one if your wondering sucked so i wanted a restart.

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Jul 27, 2016
Luv it NEW
by: Anonymous

please continue with the story I really enjoyed. normally I keep things to myself but this peak my interest. it sounds really cute to begin with of how she became to be a vampire. thank you for the story I really hope u keep on going with it.

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