Sexy Female Vampire Picture

Meet Our Sexy Vampire Ylanis

Vampire Empire brings you this powerful sexy female vampire picture.

Vampire art brought to us by talented artist Gordon Napier, this piece is titled 'Ylanis.'


Sexy Female Vampire Art Gordon Napier is an artist based in Buckinghamshire, UK. He uses both traditional and digital media to create his artworks, which sometimes feature gothic and vampiric imagery.

And, thankfully for us here at Vampire Empire, he's good... VERY Good.

This vampire picture draws you in the second you see it. The contrasting colors of the dark darks and the pale white skin add intense interest to this sexy vampire piece.

Of course, the real vampire sexy comes from the look of longing on Ylanis's face. She's beautiful and makes you wonder what it is she longs for.

Although that could just be her way of using her vampire beauty tricking you into believing you need her... you need to be with her.

But, don't let the sexy vampire good looks fool you. The staff in the painting reminds us that Ylanis is playing for the dark side.

Sexy Female Vampire Art Plus, let us not forget to mention the clothing this sexy female vampire is wearing. This outfit screams sex appeal.

Additional fan comments...

"I love this one. The darks are so deep, you can get lost in them. I can't help but stare at how well those claws are holding her. Support, style, attitude, and menace all in the same top. Great design and I haven't even gotten to her face and figure yet."

"This is absolutely AMAZING!"

"Awesome is too small a word for this..."

The artist, Gordon Napier, did a tremendous job on Ylanis, one of Vampire Empire's sexy female vampire artworks.

Gordon can be reached for commissioned art pieces through our Vampire Empire contact form.

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