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Vampire Empire brings you yet another amazing creation of sexy vampires in this incredible vampire inspired artwork.

As we have mentioned throughout the Vampire Empire website, we have custom vampire art that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else on the web by highly talented artists from all over the world.

sexy vampires
Copyright(©)2011 Talented Vampire Art Sphinx. Contact
us through our contact page for more information on this artist.
Our latest intoxicating find is titled RavenRose and comes to us all the way from Russia by the very talented artist Sphinx. We are mesmerized by this vampire inspired piece.

The contrast of the bright red dress against the backdrop of the dark hues creates a stunning effect.

Sexy vampires? Not just sexy... The female vampire is captivating, strong and beautiful. She exudes a different sensuality from the modern starlet who through a gleaming smile and breast augmentation captures the attention and bodies of the modern man. She seems to be able to capture the heart and soul of men through her sensual aura. Although the gorgeous male vampire sits at her feet, there is no mistaking the power he exudes.

The artists states: "RavenRose. It is pair of the vampires going through eternity together. Everything that they see - life and death, transitory beauty of world around. And certainly, each other. Always. The invariable. A raven and a rose... Probably, it is visualization of their names... of their souls."

Sphinx also informs us that this particular vampire drawing was created by means of Wacom Intuos 4 and Photoshop CS 2, Cs 5. She continues with, "It is the second experience on a tablet. I took the sky and the ground as stocks and drew a sketch on the the second layer and... Lived in this fine world in a current of 32 days. Models - my friends, Lex Ventrue and Juliana Zf. They didn't know that I drew them until they sawthe result. I like to do surprises. Theese vampires are not photomanipulation. I looked at more than 30 photos of everyone and in my mind, created such beautiful composition. It is not the exact repetition of any one photo. I experimented with position of hands, heads, changed illumination. I like the result."

sexy vampires
Copyright(©)2011 Talented Vampire Art Sphinx.
By a trade the artist on this vampire painting is a chemist. In addition also a writer and an artist but claims to be 'not the professional in one of areas.' We would have to respectfully disagree. Gifted artist is more like it.

More from this artist... "There is no need for my real name. My creative pseudonym is the Sphinx and as I feel live only in the course of creativity... Sphinx.

I became interested in vampires after seeing 'Interview with the Vampire'. Since then I have read the set of books. And watched the Movie. And Music. And Games (especially 'Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines'). The recent splash in popularity of vampires and activity of vamp - writers very much pleases me.

I love vampires, I crazy about them. And I see the sharp-toothed smile (grandiose thanks my dentist) in the mirror."

The sexy vampires of RavenRose compliment Vampire Empire amazingly well and we are pleased to have it as one of our showcased vampire inspired artworks.

sexy vampires
Copyright(©)2011 Talented Vampire Art Sphinx.

What others have said about these Sexy Vampires:

"This is looks like an incredible story that hasn't been written yet."

"Such beautiful work."

"The old tree looks like it's really fighting even though it's mostly dead. And the raven is amazing, and that dress... it's all super-fantastic! This is amazingly drawn."

"Crazy beautiful. Love the details."

If you would like to learn more about or contact artist Sphinx, or if you would like to learn more about obtaining custom original vampire art of your own please contact us through our Vampire Empire contact form.

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