Shadow Of The Vampire

Shadow of the Vampire is an underrated gem in the coal mines of vampire movies. Any true vampire movie fan has seen the one that started the whole wave - Nosferatu.

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This film presents a novel idea: What happened behind the scenes of the greatest vampire movie of all time? Throughout the movie the view will shift between Noferatu-eque original footage and transition seamlessly into that which wasn't in the final cut.

You will be on the edge of your seat the throughout Shadow Of The Vampire as you try to figure out what exactly Max Schreck is. The director, Dr. F. W. Murnau wanted to create a movie about Dracula. Unfortunately, he couldn't procure the rights.

Wanting to prove his ability as a director he creates a movie called Nosferatu. Everything get's a little odd when they arrive in Czechoslovakia to meet Max Schreck. Schreck has been commissioned to play Count Orlock and insists on only appearing in full character.

Strange occurances start happening around the set. As suspicions and tension between the characters rise, the mood is offset by bitter macabre humor sprinkled rigorously throughout.

The whole movie plays this way, giving emotional charge to this thought provoking thriller. A running joke in the movie is that everyone in the industry is a drug addict. "I'm not a doctor but I have dabbled in pharmaceuticals." to "It's morphine." and "It's laudanum."

With everyone having secrets, the mystery around Shreck becomes very complex and even as evidence builds up you can never feel 100% sure about anything.

Shadow Of The Vampire is a definite must-see for any real fans of vampire movies.

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