Soon after sunset

by Clutch217

Soon after sun set, again it begins. You try to resist, but she always wins. She’s back again, right on time, no need to run, you’re easy to find. Where does she come from, what is her name? Night after night, it’s always the same. You try to speak, as you’re mesmerized, by the lusting fury you see in her eyes. Suspended in twilight, she caresses your skin, waiting for her kiss, tasting of sin. With the rising, of the sun, she got what she came for, and now she’s done. Upon waking you begin to question, is she real? Or just my obsession? One thing is certain, you can not ignore, she always leaves you, longing for more. The sunlight is blinding, but now you can see, what has always been, and what is to be. Fear not darkness, or what darkness brings, fear not the poison, which has killed the kings. For now and forever, eternity is yours, to see the world like never before. Years have past, not seeing her face; years have passed since falling from grace. Years have past without hearing her voice, immortality, without choice. Her final goodbye, the same as before, only now you know, what she has come for. Soon after sunset, so long ago, she gave you her kiss, and then let you go. What she has given you, what she said was a gift, has left you alone, and led you adrift. To exist only in shadows, never knowing a friend, to live without destiny, a life with no end.

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