Sweet Aged Wine

by Amanda Quintana
(Albuquerque, NM)

Sweet Aged Wine

Here I sit waiting.. Waiting for something to come. I don't know who or what, but nevertheless waiting after so long. Night after night it brings me to this place. I encounter them all evening, but none appeal to me which makes me bored. But again, I'm drawn here just waiting... Wait! All of a sudden I feel it coming! I can sense why I am here the images flood my mind like a picture show that I've seen over and over again... It is time! Mmmm what is that fragrance! Oh my! It's driving me crazy! It comes closer to me over the others its strong and so appealing! It smells so sweet my mouth waters! The fragrance I crave that I have never had before! I look around to place the fragrance to the one it belongs to! Awww there you are! Your photo in my mind finally you are the reason I was brought here! Your my addiction! I must have you, its like they all part in unison to welcome you to me! You come to me like you are drawn to me. Looking at me with your dark eyes... Yes come here the one I have waited for all this long while!! You approach me! Confusion on your face. Knowing you have dreamt of me. You have come to find your dark angel of your dreams! Come to me my love... Let me quench you with my eyes and nose... Awww yes! taking you in like a glass of aged wine. You are inches from my face! I close my eyes and let them roll back as I inhale deeply letting my chest stick out as my lungs fill with your fragrance! Mmmmmm.... So gratifying! I open my eyes, you stare at me with lust you want to touch me, and taste me don't you? Yes you do... Give me your hand my love, follow me. I lead you to a room in the back lights are soft and sultry. As I am holding your hand I feel your pulse throb beneath my fingers. It sings me a song of love! Alone at last! Again, I inhale you mmmm I look into your eyes, you are mesmorized by me.. I let you touch me memorize my face my body... both our eyes never leave eachothers. You explore you feel a thirst for me as well. You don't understand why... I do my darling! Thats it give in just let me take you to that place. You bring your face to mine.. So close to my lips! Wait! Not yet my love its too soon... I push your chest to keep you at a save distance teasing and taunting you. So you begin to let your lips roam my neck... Mmmm, still so close I smell your fragrance and can taste it. I have to control myself... I need to let you be satisfied before I can let you satisfy me. I let your hands touch, and your lips taste me. Your so drawn to me. You let your tongue taste me and quench me, your hands hold me firm against your body, I moan mmmm almost giving in!! Your stronger than I thought.. Wait my love not yet... I push you to the wall keeping my gaze on you, I take your hands and place them above your head on the wall. You are amazed at how strong I am but give in. You think this is a sexual form of fourplay..? I then bring my face an inch from yours, your fragrance taunting me...mmmm I allow myself just once to taste your lips. I touch once, we both feel the electronic shock! I spring back from you, your eyes open wide! I smile my seductive yet a little evil smirk! You like it because you push forward, I push you forceful back to the wall... I muffle a small laugh. I am holding back my strength you think its cute and playful. Again, I pull my face an inch from yours eye to eye now, you whisper kiss me please... I breathe to you Shhhhhh! The scent of my breathe captivates you and you close and roll your eyes to the back of your head inhaling me in. Tables turned now you crave me. I kiss your lips, you groan, I moan in unison, mmmmm containing myself. I taste your sweetness in my mouth now, you let yourself become limp in my arms taking me in! My lips wander to your chin, to your neck feeling the warmth and feeling your throbbing pulse against my lips again singing our song of love, I meet the one spot inhaling tasting your sweet skin, then I take my teeth a small nibble you groan, so mesmorized so dazed by this feeling of ecstacy, I suck in your skin tasting you mmmm, as I suck I bite you groan in pleasure and pain, but are paralyzed from the erotic pleasure I drink in your sweet aged wine, hot running down my throat liquid love, you I have awaited for, I suck violently! holding your body close to me you are still paralyzed caught in your lovers web of embrace you will die in my arms, letting me love you! My love now you are fulfilling my satisfaction! Come to me, my love let me taste your ever so sweet aged wine, for I will love you until the very last drop!! You die in my arms! One last kiss on the lips to bid my farewell! I walk away gratified and remember that fragrance which is mine now. Thank you sweet love of mine til we meet again! ~Amanda Quintana~

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