Sweet Requiem of Blood

by Jody Claus
(Fredericton , New Brunswick , Canada)

Yea I know thee, from whence you came
beyond all reason beyond all rhyme,
before there were humans
and long before time.

I sat at the throne of the world you see
where none may sit but I,
I held the truth of all things lost
and all the answers why.

I feel your pain and the strife within
it courses through my veins,
you reek of love so unrefined
let me take the reins.

I can show you love's true embrace
on scales you've never seen,
and take you to places the human eye
nor heart has ever been.

teach you ways to feed your thirst
heights of bliss untouched by man,
walk amongst the ancients path
to live as the immortal clan.

If there be but a wish or desire
let me grant it now to thee,
for just a drop of your sweet blood
and eternity will set you free.
copyright@jody.claus 1999

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Thank you all
by: Anonymous

As I look back at the day I wrote this poem I was truely inspired and yet even now the draw to love's true embrace still burns and i will be writting another soon so watch for it my friends and I relish all your words as if they were drops of your blood and soul bonding to my own.

for 'Sweet Requiem of Blood'
by: Rashmi

Dark Greetings and Evening to you,

when I read this poem I was fascinated and yet was in pain felt so strong that I cried ....

I wish there was a way to feel the thirst of love's true embrace through my veins eternally with just my drop of my blood in you and you within me forever ...... this is like a burning desire that's keeps the fire of life running within me to find a soul who will eventually love me like a man should........
lovely and I love it -----

with love , faith and smiles ,


Dark Love
by: Alexandra B.

I loved the pain, heart, and soul within this poem. Oh I can't forget the darkness that first called me to it to begin with. :-)

You are a true poet.
by: Anna Simmons

That was beautiful. I loved it :)

by: Anonymous

I shiver every time I read it.

by: CJ

Simply incredible.

by: Anonymous

One of my favorites

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