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Although the exact date the sword cane walking stick was introduced is not clear, it certainly has a rich history dating as far back as the 17th century. This is when cane walking sticks were actually a fashionable accessory that separated the rich from the poor.

While it is used for a different purpose today, antique cane swords are highly popular to this day and a must have to complete the classy and elegant look. And since this is a website dedicated to the vampire in all of us, dare we say elegant gentleman vampire look.

dragon head sword caneDating back to the 17th or 18th century, the antique cane swords were just as necessary of an item as pants and a shirt for a European gentleman. History has showed that trends come and go and this was certainly a fashionable and decorative trend that stuck for some time. During this era the sword walking cane actually took the place of a sword, which could then be used as a weapon as well.

The standard cane was made of Malacca wood and consisted of a rounded metal grip. Over time the cane evolved into swordsticks. The sword cane walking stick had an actual blade within the stem thus giving it the name.

The swordstick was the original gadget cane which spread like a wildfire to other kinds of canes. Many began carrying these around as it possessed the tools of the carrier’s trade. It is the rich history behind this accessory that has made it such a novelty for collectors every where.

Antique Brass Sword CaneThe antique sword cane walking stick that you will find today can be made of extremely lavish materials and is intricately designed to deliver the highest quality for collectors. Every detail of the handles and shafts is intricately designed and many of the handles are made of sterling silver and carved into animal heads or other ornate designs.

It is not uncommon to find other handles carved out of Malacca wood today while the shafts are made from other fine woods. Bamboo and Bubinga are commonly used for canes.

Because of the vampire collector’s appeal to the cane sword walking stick, many are often created as replicas of collector or museum pieces. The beauty of this is that all people can afford to purchase antique sword walking canes.

Believe it or not, the walking cane sword, in some states, requires a special permit. The reason for this is because it can still be considered a weapon with the blade at the end. Just know that there is a dual locking system with most to ensure safety.

Antique Cane swords are a tremendous collector’s item as it is unique, classy, and down-right cool and a must have for any vampire enthusiasts.

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