The Beginning of The End - Vampire Poetry

by PureDemona

The Beginning of The End - Vampire Poetry

The darkness calls it beckons me.
It serves as a lighthouse to the ships in the storm.
My emotions are just that of a lost ship that cannot find its way.
So as the darkness beckons I leave this empty room.
I walk down the empty hall to the main exit of the house.
No one notices as I leave for no one is here they are out on the hunt.
They are looking for the kill of the night they survive for it.
I enter the darkness myself unsure of why it has me under its spell.
I walk into the forest to the very core no one hears me approach
They are preoccupied with the one in front of them.
As I draw nearer to the group I feel my body begin to change
My sight is different I'm seeing with what I wouldnt believe to be my own eyes
There is a red glare with dancing flames my body quivers
Its not the same my fangs have bared themselves for the first time
I feel solitude in what I have become
The group from the house I now see is My clan they are My family
They are My support they will be there for me they will teach me and they will
guide me.
I am now one of them.
They made the darkness call to me they were prepared for my arrival
As I have approached they divide themselves like the parting of the sea
I continue to walk in the middle of them all.
I am hungry this is My awakening.....
I am a walker of the dark I am a Vampyre....

The Beginning of The End - Vampire Poetry

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