The Hunger (1983)

by Sunshine

The Hunger (1983) Catherine Deneuve

The Hunger (1983) Catherine Deneuve

The Hunger - Vampire Movies

The Hunger is a highly stylized thriller, directed by Tony Scott, about a beautiful woman(played by Susan Sarandon) who crosses paths with a very old and very powerful female vampire, (played by Catherine Deneuve).

The vampire lives an envious life, picking up the young and the restless for sport, and bringing them back to her million dollar mansion for slaughter.

She and her long time lover (played by David Bowie) are impeccably dressed in the most chic and modern fashion down to their stylish sunglasses and coiffure. The games begin when Deneuve realizes her lover is aging faster than the blood restores him, and she sets out to seduce Sarandon into becoming her next playmate.


Thanks for adding a great addition to our Vampire Movies. I loved the The Hunger when I first saw it. David Bowie was memorizing. One of my favorite scenes is David Bowie in the waiting room. If you are a vampire movie fan who has to see every vampire movie out there, you'll definitely want to add The Hunger to your list.

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