The Many Reasons I Love Edward Cullen

by Destiny
(Albuquerque, New Mexico)

CONTEST ENTRY - The Many Reasons I Love Edward Cullen

I love Edward Cullen because he is thoughtful and kind, he will listen to anything you have to say, or think because he has an extraordinary ability to read your mind.

And will think about your well being, he will do anything to protect and fight for his loved ones. Edward Cullen is REALLY smart, he has repeated high school at least 46 times or more, he has also had a lot of free time with no lover so he read a lot and know almost everything.

Edward Cullen has great taste in music and is a great musician himself. He loves fast cars like his Shiny Volvo.

Anyone who sees him will be dazzled, hes gorgeous and he is also tall, pale, and dead. He sparkles in the light which makes him look like a diamond a very beautiful diamond.

He has such great manners he will be very nice to as long as your not hurting someone he loves or anyone for that matter. He comes from a great and loving family.

Edward Cullen is a stunning 17 year old (In general anyway). He cares for human life because he only feeds on animals (vegetarian).

Edward Cullen is devoted to his true love Isabella Swan, he would do anything for her safety and would die if something ever happened to her, He would also make very difficult sacrifices for her. He is inhumanly strong and fast and is capable of really anything.

He is an amazing husband and father, no one can compare with him.

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