The Movie Twilight

by Gina

The Movie Twilight

The Movie Twilight

The movie Twilight is my favorite vampire movie. So many times movies with this theme show vampires to be just bloodthirsty animals, however with Twilight the movie a completely different side to them is revealed.

Who would think that a vampire would opt not to drink human blood but hunt wildlife and then fall in love with a girl that he sits next to in biology class? I think that it is a refreshing way to think about vampires.

Some of the vampires in Twilight the movie are happy with their existence, while others are haunted by it. The two main characters are Bella, the high school student and Edward Cullen, the vampire.

The movie twilight takes place in a small town named Forks in Washington State. The reason why the vampires like it there is because for most of the time the sky is overcast.

In the sunlight the vampires sparkle. I think it is a brilliant idea as to why vampires don’t come out during the day – they sparkle.

So there are obviously vampires out there who do like drinking human blood and they discover Bella and Edward, and because Edward defended Bella, one of them decides to hunt her down and kill her slowly.

This means that Edward Cullen and the Cullen family have to protect Bella and eventually kill James, the vampire who is hunting her down.

Edward the vampire and his family eventually do hunt down and kill James, but it is only after he has bitten Bella. Another reason to love this movie – vampires have venom! Edward has to save Bella by sucking out the venom.

At the end of the movie Twilight, Bella asks Edward to change her into a vampire so that they can be together forever. He refuses but she is adamant that it will happen eventually.

And that is why Twilight the movie is my favorite vampire movie.

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Worst Vampire Movie
by: Joanna Wagner

by a major American studio. I was so bored that by the end I shouted at the screen "Would you hurry up and screw her!" Vampires and puppy love is an oxymoron.

by: wiktorias

I LOVE TWILIGHT so much I'm going to go to London.

l love this movie
by: troy aniversario

your movie was so great!!!

I love Twilight!!!
by: Anonymous

I love the Twilight Saga!!! I just went to see Breaking Dawn Part One!!! Best One Yet!!! Can't wait for the next movie!!! Wish there was another book. :( I can't believe its over!! :(

by: bella1

omg, i love twilight its the best and plus i love vampires and i so wish to be one.

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