The reason Edward Cullens Rocks!!

by Erika Duritsky
(Loxahatchee, Florida, USA)

The reason Edward Cullens Rocks!!

Edward is amazing. He met Bella and proved to her that he loved her unconditionally. The way he treats Bella is the way that all men should treat a woman.

Cullen still has chivalry, which in most cases is nonexistant in a relationship. He opens the door for Bella, pulls out her chair, and beyond that he shows Bella that he really cares.

I think all men should take a lesson from watching Edward Cullen in action. He would die before letting anything happen to Bella. The moment that he thought Bella was dead, he was going to kill himself.

Cullen even went as far as holding off on having sex so that he did not hurt her. Not many men would do something so sweet.

He protects Bella with his life. He has an amazing smile that lights up the room. He knows what true love really is and he is not afraid to show his emotions.

I would love to have a man like Edward in my life. He is the perfect role model for adults and teenagers alike. Anyone looking to be in a relationship should be forced to watch Twilight to learn how to treat a lady.

Bella put Edward Cullen through a lot. She was back and forth with her emotions for Jacob, yet he stood by her. I love Edward and it would be an honor to wear his ring!

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