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The Vampire Diaries TV Show Board Game. Want cool Vampire Diaries merchandise? Sink your teeth into The Vampire Diaries Board Game. This Vampire Board Game even includes a replica of Vampire Diaries very own Katherine's ring. Makes a great gift.

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Want a great source of entertainment for a rainy day? Or any day for that matter!

The Vampire Diaries TV Show Board Game is entertaining, easy to play, and very interactive.

Based on the popular hit CW-TV show, The Vampire Diaries board game takes place in Mystic Falls. Very cool!

The game pieces are unique looking adding to the fun of the game.

You, as a player, are either Stefan, Caroline, Elena or Damon and during the course of this action-packed game some will be turned into vampires.

Move around the game board and try to be the last person remaining who’s not a vampire.

As the game plays, try to avoid getting bit by a deadly vampire bite. When a player is attacked three times, that person is transformed into a vampire. Only the last standing human can win!

The game board itself has a nice layout and includes great things like a replica of Vampire Diaries very own Katherine's ring! This is not a Vampire Diaries trivia game but rather a great competition to be the winner while getting to play one of your favorite Vampire Diaries characters. The bonus to that means the whole family can play, not just the die hard Vampire Diary fans of the house.

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Pressman's Vampire Diaries Board Game Includes:

  • Board game.

  • Features 4 human to vampire transformation photo frames.

  • Replica of Katherine's ring..

  • Vampire fangs rubber stamp.

  • Dry erase pad.

  • Three awesome dice.

  • Lable sheet.

  • Designed to be played with 3 to 4 players in mind.

  • Great for all ages pre-teen to adult.

This ideal gift can be gift boxed and ships worldwide!

href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">vampire diaries stefan salvatore necklaceRetail Price: $17.95

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