Thirsty for Love

by Tima El- Sabeh

What is life without a second
Is it worst to realize
that I'm in love with someone in endless horror
and that's where the truth leis
Can i count on your promise
would you brake my heart with your eyes
i can feel the wind passing hopeless
with the breeze of the night
In my life
with out your love
empty spaces occupied my heart
no dreams, with your kiss on my cheek
and your heart, i hear your heart
beating in your chest.
When you touch me
i feel great
i know you want me
you would like my taste
and my blood is all yours to take
because my soul had been feeling lost
Goodbye a word i wouldn't say
thirsty for blood
no feeling to take
you fight the world
for my sake
and i know your thirsty for love
you are.
you're thirsty for blood
you are.
you are thirsty for love
my love <3

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