Tranquil - Vampire Poetry

by Jodi Benfell


In the dark of night
A place so cold, mist hangs aloft
Dusting the ground in a gentle frost
The sound of footsteps, yet no prints emerged
The image of walking death on the walls
Shadows clinging to his body
The hunting vampire, watching, waiting
The scent of flesh, bursting with life
The young man, totally unaware
A scream cut short as a hand closes over his mouth
"Shhhh... not a sound" the whisper was in his ear
Upon nodding his agreement the hand was removed
Turning around the young man looked
His attacker was tall, but powerful in presence
Pale white skin, the harsh contrast to the dark green suit he wore
He took a step back, the word he was about to say dying on his lips
"Yes young one, that is what I am"
Cold white hands closed over his shoulders
The vampire pulled him close, savoring his fear
Silky lips drew back over long canine fangs
The skin broke easily under them
From skin can the warm, flowing blood that fed him
One small gasp of shock before the man gave in,
Giving himself to the vampire, it sighed,
A shudder of pleasure rippling through his body
Narrow chest rising and falling gently
Tranquil as someone in sleep

Tranquil - Vampire Poetry

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by: Jodi Benfell

Thanks guys! I do try my best, i made this in a hour, not bad eh.

by: valissa dragmoir

i love it keep up the good work

well done
by: Thaddeus

Well done Jodi, i do enjoy your work so. it has been awhile. this poem is interesting. i can see where your coming from being one myself, and not the victim i mean. email me.

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