Tru Blood Beverage

Tru Blood Beverage 4 pack. Rich Red Color. Vampire Bill's favorite synthetic blood beverage. Cool Bottle with Authentic True Blood Logo. Many other True Blood Items.

tru blood beverage Tru Blood Beverage 4 Pack

True Blood the drink is a reality! A very tasty and delicious blood orange carbonated soda inspired by vampire Bill's favorite norishing synthetic blood beverage. A must have for any True Blood viewing party!

Energizing, great taste, thirst quenching with an interesting flavor.

Slighty sweet and tart, True Blood drink delivers like a normal soda pop but appears mysterious and stormy when poured into a glass.

Very cool bottle with an authentic logo.

Bottoms up! And, to all you vamps everywhere, remember to drink responsibly!

The Tru Blood Beverage Features:

  • Stunning bottle design is exact replica of bottles featured on show: stained in rich red with raised English lettering and matching Japanese Kanji!

  • 14 ounce per bottle

tru blood beverage

NOW Price: $16.00

tru blood beverage

What Others Have Said:

"YUM! I was very surprised at the taste of this product (much like orange soda) and I liked the shape of the bottle."

"True Blood Beverage was good to drink and we felt like Eric."

"I served this at the season finale and everyone loved it. I also drink it when I watch True Blood. I keep a couple of boxes around the house so that I always have some on hand. I like the taste, to me it is good chilled or not. Drink up my blood thirsty friends!"

"Very cool bottle with authentic logo. It tastes good and I'm now addicted to it"

Tru Blood Beverage - 24 Pack Available in True Blood Beverage 24 Pack

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