True Blood Is A Great Show

by Erica

HBO True Blood is a great show! It first surprised me to come into my parents house to find my stepfather of all people watching HBO True Blood series. I ended up sitting down with him and watching the episode he was watching, and then ended up watching many more True Blood episodes later on HBO!

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I was a little skeptical about the True Blood cast of characters being from the South and all at first, but they soon grew on me. I particularly like the actress Anna Paquin who plays Sookie Stackhouse.

I also like Tara and Lafayette and all the things they say to each other and about the crazy things they get into.

The romance is a big thing for me in the show, something that gets me watching True Blood HBO more often than not!

Stephen Moyer who plays Bill Compton plays an alright vampire. I could imagine better vampires, but then again it is in the Southern states and he does play a fine Southern Gentleman!

Oh well if he got turned into a vampire, right? He does have the acting down perfectly though, and every character has just the right accent to play their southern parts.

I guess the show has always shown me more about Southern traditions, for parties and other significant things.

Over-all, HBO True Blood is a great show and may it remain popular as can be!

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I completely agree
by: RyanJ

True Blood indeed is an amazing show with a great cast who really draw the audience into their characters. My girlfriend likes it for the vampires (what girl doesn't nowadays) and I enjoy it for action and storyline. It's nice to find a show that you actually look forward to watching, and one that almost anyone can watch as well. I can't wait to watch what happens next!

Best Show
by: Preethi Geresh

True Blood is really interesting and the characters chosen are very apt. They play their roles upto the mark and make it lively for us. The story is also very good and expecting more exciting stories like this.

by: vivek

Really True blood is treat to watch. I like the romance shown. The author did well describing the character in it to a great extent. I feel the show chose those characters correctly. Especially Stephen Moyer. They really matched my thought on that one .I advice this is as must see!!

Excellent masterpiece!
by: Jenny

I am a die hard fan of Vampire Tales.Its indeed a wonderful erotic drama with a blend of romance,humor and horror.It's an exceptional work!

Great Highlight
by: Bellam

True Blood is one of the most fantastic shows I have ever seen. It is a very attractive show which includes both romance as well as thrills. I enjoy True Blood very much!

by: Anonymous

yes it is true that the true blood is really attractive with all features. As you said, I am also so much involved in this show especially for romance. Indeed very worth to spend the time and I got the real thrill.

True Blood Rocks!
by: Anne

I agree True Blood Rocks. I love Sookie Stackhouse. My bf keeps saying, 'I don't get it, she's not even that cute.' He's out of his mind. Can't wait til season 2 comes out on dvd.

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