True Blood Is Addictive

by Joe

I enjoy the HBO show because True Blood is addictive; VERY! Also, it is one of the true representations of vampires, it has sexuality and violence. Unlike Twilight which does not provide enough bite for adult audiences.

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I also like the blending of southern gothic romances and vampires. I enjoy the mystery of the plots. The entire season of True Blood represents one of the Charlaine Harris books in the series.

For those who have read the Charlaine Harris books, True Blood HBO series is different. Some characters from the novel are significantly different in the HBO show. However, the plots are generally the same.

The characters are shades of gray rather than good and evil. Eric Northman, Bill Compton, and Sookie Stackhouse are the perfect love triangle.

Many viewers are anxiously waiting the next season. June cannot come soon enough. Sookie Stackhouse is a perfect heroine because she is irresistible for male audiences. She has grace, personality, beauty, and guts.

The True Blood plots are very adult and do not shy away from vivid scenes, which only adds to the appeal of the show. I also find the show to be a critique of modern society, issues of discrimination, racism, and religions are central to the themes and tone of the show.

True Blood is addictive; VERY! It is erotic, gory, and suspenseful. Seriously what’s not to love about a show that can do all of this every week?

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Seriously Addictive
by: Marie

I can't agree more. True Blood is very addictive. Twilight is for the tween/teen set while True Blood has the adult themes and is not afraid to show its sexual side, which I believe is a big component of the show. I love the characters, especially Eric and Lafayette. The show offers a unique view on vampires and I love it!!

True Blood is addictive
by: TBuzzy

True Blood is very addictive. I am always on the look out for new shows and from the first episode of this show, I was hooked. I love how they portray the vampires, delving deep into the characters and they aren't afraid to portray the sexuality on the show. This series is very good and I am going through withdrawal while I await its return.
Love it!!

Addictive Woah!!
by: Destiny

T - Top rated!
R - Races my heart
U - Unbelieveable show
E - Exciting

B - Bloody cool
L - Love It
O - Obviously addictive
O - Obviously Cool
D - D Best!

Always wanting more.
by: Danny

I have to agree, the show is absolutly addictive. I love the storylines but it's the characters that keep me coming back again and again. Sookie in particular I find to be very endearing. She is a very accessible character, an average person despite the psychic powers of course.

So Adictive!
by: Justin

This show is seriously addictive. I cannot wait for the next episode.
I agree it s super erotic. It turns me on.

Thank God for Charlaine Harris
by: Samantha

I second that! Addictive doesn't even seem to be strong enough of a word to describe True Blood. I feel like I experience detox symptoms between seasons. I also absolutely adore the Southern aspect of the show (and the books). It has been a very long time since the actual essence of vampires has been captured in such an amazing way. Kudos to Charlaine Harris for creating such an amazing series and thanks to HBO for turning it into a terrific series!

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