Twilight Saga

by Charles
(Maine, US)

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My all time favorite vampire movie is the Twilight Saga, the movie is an adaptation of a novel written by Stephanie Myers. The setting is in Forks, Washington.

Myers has her own mythology of vampires. Her vampires can be seen in the day but only under an overcast or a cloudy, rainy day. Vampires have to hide their true selves by not going into direct sunlight or they will sparkle and have revealed their long lived secret and endangered the rest of their kind's population.

I also absolutly love that her vampires can have different powers and abilities. Edward can read minds and Alice can see into the future and choices that people might or might not make.

This movie has some of the most unique and original vampire characters. Another awesome trait about Twilight's vampires is that they more conscence of human beings and they also hold on to some part of their humane characteristics.

Carlise, another vampire, teaches the people who he has turned and allowed into his coven to feed only off animal blood. I also love the original love story in the movie, usally the vampire is trying to kill and eat the beautiful girl but in the Twilight saga the Vampire Edward falls in love with the girl with big brown eyes instead.

And the same goes for the beautiful girl, Bella. Instead of running away in fear, she is drawn in and enchanted.

I also must admit that the fight scene in Twilight is wicked cool, Edward decapitates James, the enemy vampire, and then sets his body on fire.

The Twilight saga also has generated so many dedicated fans. This movie and it's fans are sure to stand the test of time.

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