Twilight The Movie

Twilight The Movie

Twilight The Movie

Twilight the movie is one of the best vampire movies that I have seen. I was anxious to see the movie Twilight because, like so many other people, I felt really invested in Bella and Edward's story.

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Not only that, but I love the vampire premise - it just never gets old, especially when you put a new spin on it, as Meyer did in her books.

The events of each book really ran together for me, so in a way, I felt like a non-Twilighter coming into this film.

I really didn't care if this vampire film deviated from the book. In fact, I was kind of hoping it would, since you can't expect a book to translate directly to the screen.

Overall, Twilight The Movie was better than I expected. I expected it to be low-budget, and awkwardly filmed. It definitely grew on me as it went on, especially Pattinson's performance.

His introduction was extremely awkward. Not sure if that was Hardwicke's fault or Pattinson's acting.

I loved the scenes in the movie Twilight with her father; in my opinion, these were some of the gems of the movie.

The romance between Edward and Bella, which was obviously the crux of the film, was fueled by their chemistry, but not much else. Where was the development?!

I really wish Hardwicke or the screenwriter or somebody had taken more time to delve into the roots of their relationship. It all just happened way too fast.

I feel like this happened because of the James story, which to me was almost completely unnecessary. But even so, the Twilight movie would have been a more moving romance, and probably a more poignant, emotional film, if that goofy subplot hadn't existed.

Even with that said, Twilight the movie is my favorite vampire film.

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by: 80 yr old womon

i love twilight. it rocks alot. i thought it would not be good but then i watch all the movies from the very 1st. on i enjoyed it alot.

by: Anonymous

I loved that movie.
Team Jacob all the way.
Like Roseale and Emmette.

I hated it
by: Anonymous

It was offensive.

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