Underworld Evolution Movie

by Rob G.

Underworld Evolution

Underworld Evolution

Of all vampire movies, 2006's 'Underworld Evolution' movie is my favorite . This vampire movie is meant to stand alone without the viewer needing to see the original film “Underworld” that was released in 2003.

In the first scenes of the sequel, we are shown a horrific aftermath of a country village mangled by werewolves.

While the medieval vampire knights are discussing the problems they face, the victims are “turning.” Turning, that is, into huge, monstrous human-wolf creatures that love to tear every living thing they see into bite-size pieces.

The slaughter of vampire and werewolf begins in all its glory... or should I say gory.

Although the first movie and this one have the same director, Len Wiseman, they are very unalike, as if they were directed by two completely different people.

The sequel picks up right were the first movie left off, but then turns into a different vampire film genre.

Selene, a Death Dealer vampire, played by Kate Beckensale, is still the hero, and Michael is her trusty, hybrid werewolf-vampire sidekick.

Other than that, the two movies bear little likeness.

In the first movie, when honorable Selene finally sees the truth, she kills Victor, that wicked and manipulating vampire leader and her ex-father figure.

The curtain goes down, and we have to wait for the next movie to see how it all will come out when the next vampire Overlord, Marcus, wakes up and smells the coffee, or in his case, fresh blood.

Leading us to one of the best vampire movies of all times, the Underworld Evolution movie.

underworld evolution

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by: Alessandra

luv all 3 movies..gr8 trinity..i watched em a zillion times and still do

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