Underworld The Movie

by Lori

My favorite vampire movie is "Underworld." This film started out capturing my attention immediately, as it begins with Selene (a death-dealer, or vampire) telling the the story of how the war between the vampires and lycons, or werewolves, began, and how the vampires have hunted the lycons to the brink of extinction.

Underworld the movie starts right out, within a couple minutes of the film start, with the first battle scene, which also explains the genetic bloodlines tying a human into the mix.

The lycons are after this human, as his fore-father was also the creator of the very first vampire, and first lycon. The lycons believe, with combining the blood, they can make him superior to all others (a hybrid).

As the story evolves, you learn that the second-in-command vampire, Craven, supposedly had killed the leader of the lycons, Lucien. Yet, he had actually made a secret deal with him, and the conspiracy between the bloodlines began there.

Selene befriends the human, Michael, and together they uncover the secrets, and betrayals, that go deep in the heart of both clans.

This movie definitely stands above others as it has continuous action, but not too much that you can't tell what's going on, a huge array of original weapons, and a human-heart story involved as well.

It is also particularly cool, that when Selene gets mad, or upset, her eyes turn different shades of blue.

This film is very original and unique. It starts out immediately capturing your attention, keeps your attention all the way through the movie, and has a huge ending.

Not many movies can actually keep you enthralled as this one does. You, also, cannot go wrong with a movie starring the likes of Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen. I must see and must own for everyone!


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