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You will not find the same rehashed vampire artwork that is circulated all over the web (unless it is a high demand piece that compliments this website). Many of our pieces were created by talented artists from all over the world specifically for the Vampire Empire website.

sexy vampires
countess elizabeth bathory
E. Bathory
dark vampire artwork
vampire artwork
Mad Tea Party

You may click on any image below to enlarge it at any time.

Custom Female Vampire ArtAs exhibited by one of our show case artworks titled Vampire Mistress, you can see all the detailing on the brush strokes throughout the hair. The fabric just flows. It would be no tax on the imagination to create an epic story just from theimagery in the piece. And did I mention the lighting? It's just magical.

We also take requests for original fantasy pieces of most of our artwork and will create the main character or characters after the model you choose. Where else are you going to find that?

Our Vampire Art Includes:

Fine Art Paintings

Oil Paintings

Drawings of Vampires

Vampire Sketches

Female Vampire Inspired Art

Sexy Female Vampire Inspired Art

Girl Vampire ArtThe attention to detail in our fine art pieces is outstanding. Have you ever envisioned yourself as Vampire Lord of the Manor? We can do that for. Need a romantic vampire piece to immortalize your love? Tell us what you need and we can, most likely, create it for you.

Check out our fine art collection throughout this site. We have many different types and styes to appeal to all vampire enthusiats.

beautiful vampire girl art
Dracula's Lucy
vampire man
Beautiful Girl Vampire Original Vampire Art
Girl Vampire
female vampire victim
Vamp Victim
draculas brides
Dracs Brides
immortal vampires artwork
Eternal Lovers
beautiful female vampire art
Winter Vamp
Fantasy Vampire Art
Jean Claude
beautiful vampire girl art
Vampire Girl
vampire artwork
Vamp Armour
gothic vampire art
vampire artwork
Vamp Photo

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Didn't find what you are looking for? Feel free to make a suggestion through our CONTACT PAGE and we will be happy to give your recommedation serious consideration.

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