Vampire Bite Tutorial - Out Of Ordinary Beauty Items

Vampire Bite Tutorial

Vampire Bite Tutorial

You know, everyone once in a while we get some really cool info sent our way to share with our Vampire Empire readers. Entertainment Magazine sends us True Blood articles before it hits news stands... Vampire Bill asks us to assist in a fundraiser he's heading... signed bands share their vampire inspired videos for us to post... and then we get a great gem like this one.

I'd like to introduce you to Lisa and Annie. These talented girls have put together a Vampire Bite tutorial showing us how to make a realistic vampire bite out of ordinary beauty items you may already have laying around your house.

Lisa said, "My friend (Annie) and I made a video on how to make a vampire bite without any expensive materials. We used only nail polish, cotton balls, blush, and lipstick. I thought that you might enjoy watching it."

Guess what? She was right. ;)

I think the video is professional, fresh and fun. Thanks so much girls for contacting us and sharing your great vampire bite tutorial. You guys Rock!

Other Comments:

"Hey guys I really liked it. It looked very realistic and not at all fake."

"This looks so real!! Great Job!!!"

"Nice work :) Very creative!"

"Wow this was pretty cool! Yeah, this video proves you don't need any fancy or expensive supplies to make your wounds look real and painful! The only thing I would watch out for is when you cover the cotton with your base color for the bite marks. If you don't cover the cotton completely, people could notice the cotton sticking out. But other than that, well done! :D"

"Wow, this is amazing! Much better than mine."

"This is very good and original. It was a great tutorial for the resources used!"

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