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What is it about vampire contact lenses that look so incredibly cool? Oh yeah, that's it, vampire eyes with colored contacts look so incredibly COOL!

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Vampire Contacts
One of the first things most people notice with any of the great vampire movie's are their characters eyes.

Most recently Daybreakers introduced these amazingly stunning looks in their vamps via colored contacs.

Vampyre characters always have these incredibly beautiful eye colors and in some instances their eye colors change lighter and darker depending on the mood needing more than one pair of colored contact lenses.

To many people’s fascination, vampire contact lenses make this unique and enthralling aspect of a vamp's appearence.

There are special sets of colored contacts that you too can purchase to have fun and resemble the beautiful creatures of the night.

Various stores have different halloween colored contacts including all black, red or even an eerie white. This can transform your eyes instantly giving you the immortal feel that can be found in vampire movies.

twilight contact lenses
Twilight contact Lenses
The one thing you will notice is some films like the Twilight saga is that the Twilight contacts provide characters with a blend of two colors. In order to achieve this yourself, you will need to find dual toned colored contacts. In some cases even triple toned. The Volturi Red they have out are also WAY cool!

There is certainly an awe-factor that comes with having unique vampire eyes. It is amazing how something as simple as a colored contact lens can reel you in and have you focusing on the hypnotizing eyes. That is precisely what is so appealing about them.

Although these contact lenses have been used for many years, what you will find is different movies use different kinds of contact lenses. The reason for this is to stress the differences in the immortals. With a little research, you can find the kind of contact lenses that match the character or movie you are most enthralled by.

A number of contact lenses are now available with a plethora of different styles including Lestat light blue, Twilight amber, full on black, Volturi red and many more.

If you are going to have fun with your own set of vampire contact lenses, remember, you can easily get non prescription colored contacts just for the vampire contact lenses horror fun of it.

While both prescription and non prescription colored contacts can be found easily online and in stores, you want to make sure they are safe for your eyes. Your best bet is to visit an eye care specialist to make sure they are the right fit and will not damage your eyes. From there, you can enjoy impressing family and friends with iconic vampyre lenses.

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