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Beautiful Vampire Bride Vampire Sketch

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This particular piece is brought to us by talented artist Gordon Napier and is titled 'Tattered Bride.'

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Copyright(©)2010 Talented Art of Gordon Napier.
Gordon Napier is an artist based in Buckinghamshire, UK. He uses both traditional and digital media to create his artworks, which sometimes feature gothic and vampiric imagery.

We highlight several of his works here. We just think he's THAT good.

This vampire picture is compelling for several reasons. The artist states, 'She never aged, while the dress faded and frayed and was attacked by moths.'

This is true. The detailing in the dress fits his description well. We wonder who it is that this female vampire waits for. Was she left by her vampire lover? Did she perhaps kill him and change her mind?

Who would leave such an equisite beauty?

Additional fan comments...

"Oh MY GOD! This is perfect!"

"Very beautiful."

"Who would dare jilt a beauty like that? I love the intensity of her face, so lovely."

"Cool look!"

"A bittersweet and tragic tale..."

"She has a lovely face."

"Love the frayed lace look of the fabric!"

"Wow! Amazing detail."

Other works by Gordon found on our site:


Vampiric Thirst

Gordon can be reached for commissioned art pieces through our Vampire Empire contact form.

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