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Recently I was fortunate enough to come across an artist whose vampire drawings are really quite beautiful.

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Copyright(©)2010 Talented Art of Gordon Napier.
This particular drawing is another brought to us by talented artist Gordon Napier and is titled 'Vampiric Thirst.'

As a matter of fact, this was my first exposure to his vampire inspired art. I fell in love with it immediately. I knew we had to have it for the site and thankfully for us, Gordon agreed.

Gordon Napier is an artist based in Buckinghamshire, UK. He uses both traditional and digital media to create his artworks, which sometimes feature gothic and vampiric imagery.

And, because he has many fans here, we highlight several of his works.

This vampire sketch is simply one of our favorites. The mood that is captured here is sensual, captivating and quite beautiful.

Almost like we are peering in on a very private moment and they haven’t noticed we are here. Like, in all the world, they are all that matter to each other.

'Vampiric Thirst' remains a site favorite.

Additional fan comments...

"Beautiful. I love the plot of this drawing."

"Beautifully done! Do you think we'll get a sequel showing what happens afterwards, either his satisfaction or remorse after feeding from her?. ."

"Fabulous work! Congratulations!”

"Wow. Beautiful."

"Perfect. Very beautiful. Really."

Very nice! Love all the details and her dress is amazing."

"This is really beautiful! I love the classic gothiness of it! It makes me think of old-fashioned vampire stories. Great work!”

"Beautiful! I love your style. Truly are talented!”

Other works by Gordon found on our site:


Tattered Bride

Gordon can be reached for commissioned art pieces through our Vampire Empire contact form.

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