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How The Heck Did She End Up Running The Vampire Empire?

Now, how does one go from being a financially savvy corporate executive to the Vampire Empire editor and owner? It takes just the perfect amount of cool factor and finess. Vampire finess that is.

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My name is Constance. Not a bad name if you are going to be running a vampire website. The photo on the left is me.

I started this vampire website for many reasons, some of which I will try and explain here.

I have always, always always been a fan of scary movies. The scarier the better but don't be surprised if a was looking for an arm to hold on to or peeking out from between my fingers.

It was the adrenaline rush from the thrill. Like a roller coaster ride.

Then one day, without having ever heard of her, or her books, I was thrown into the emotionally wrenching world of Anne Rice and the Vampire Chronicles.

As I mention on my Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles page, I have been intrigued by vampires from the first moment I read an Anne Rice book.

The world she describes with such beautiful exquisite detail leaves one missing it once the book has ended.

So began my journey of becoming a vampire enthusiast and huge Anne Rice fan. She still, to this day, remains my favorite author of all time.

Now fast forward a bit and I find some very clever, witty people have produced a tiny television series that becomes a global phenomenon. Heard of Buffy The Vampire Slayer anyone?

I have seen every episode of every season without fail and find it to be genius. Don't Judge. If you haven't seen Buffy, you have no idea how clever the pop cultural references and witty one liners are throughout the series.

In addition, a strong female heroine that brings hope to the world? It's a story line that can't, and doesn't go wrong (well it did in the earlier big screen version but that's a different story). Plus, Angel is hot and we'll just leave it at that.

Then one day at the movie theater I am watching Bram Stokers Dracula and Gary Oldman says to Winona Ryder, "I have crossed oceans of time to find you." and I am mesmerized by the screen.

Yes, I am a long time vampire connoisseur with an admiration for fine vampire art and this vampire website was in me just waiting to get out.

I hope you enjoy your visit here.


Vampire Empire Editor

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Anonymous said:

I want to be vampire

Norwegian 23 M said:

Im 1987 mod, and ever since 1992 i have been in love with vampire girls. i always wanted a vampire girlfriend, cus they would never get sick or hurt or tired.

and she wouldn't get scared or freak out by anything, and even if i woke up in the middle of the night after a nightmare she would be there awake and i cold tell her :oP

Yeah i was scared of the dark.. so what could be better then having a girlfriend that can see in the dark :o)

but it was Always a Vampire Girl i wanted as a friend :oP i even had a name for her lol.

Her name was Marnd i always found her when i was dreaming, always safe with her, even when i had horrible nightmares. i would wake up safe if i found her in the dream ^^

And If someone was Unfair and i got angry, she stoped me and calmed me down and said she would handle it, and no matter how angry i felt.. when she grabbed hold of me i felt like the air cooled me down and i could breath.

I can't remember ever seeing her solve the problem.. but i do remember i felt safe and that everything was okey when she was there.

Is it Weird that the Most dangerous girls are the ones i feel the most safe with?

Vampire Empire Editor Constance said:

Renee, thanks for the info and the heads up. Anne Rice participates on Twitter as well. She is very interactive with her fans.

Renee said:

If you are interested in Stoker's Dracula you should read the site that Elizabeth Miller created. The version with Gary Oldman took writer's license as they change the beginning of the story. The book has nothing to do with Vlad the Impaler at all. They have Stoker's notes which they didn't when this idea was postulated.

She is considered one of the foremost authorities on this topic along with Melton. What she has written and accumulated is fascinating and she is a nice lady as well.

You can find Anne Rice in FB if one wishes to talk to her. She actively interacts with members there.

Vampire Empire Editor Constance (mod) said:

J L, I'll try and get a chance to take a look at your work as soon time allows. I have several books ahead of you that I haven't had a chance to review yet. It sounds really interesting though. Thank you for your compliment on my site.

Michelle, thank you also! Your poems are a great addition to the site. Keep em' coming. :)

michelle booher said:

i like your site because it allows people who like vampires to express their passion for them. and no one judges them for it. out in the real world we do. i mean its just nice to have a site we can go to to express ourselves. sometimes when i post my poems it makes me feel like i'm actually a vampire lol. hmmm wonder if i am then. jk. i love your site.

J L Myers said:

Love your site please I invite you to read my new book Vampire Source New Blood. I wrote it from a different point of view. I invite your thoughts on my work. Just click on Vampire Source New Blood, E-Bay Brans & Noble or Xlibis

Vampire Empire Editor Constance (mod) said:

Va multumesc! :)

Vlad said:

Tu Gatalog este destul de uimitor

Vampire Empire Editor Constance said:

Poogs, have you ever seen Bram Stoker's Dracula?

poogs said:

I've had a reoccurring dream since i was a teenager about a horse drawn carriage taking me around cliffs and leading me to a castle door and every time i get to the door i wake up and its always been in black and blue and they were steep paths around cliffs

Constance (mod) said:

Thank you Jessica! XD I'm so glad the site is to your liking. I do what I can ;)

Jessica said:

:) You're like my idol now!! aha xD

Suzzan said:

just found your site its amazing Suzzan Oh yes Buffy rules :)

Vampire Empire Editor Constance said:

LadyDarkRayne, thank you so much for your lovely compliments regarding my website. Glad you liked the ballgowns. My seamstress is very talented and hand makes each and every gown. We just filled an order for a gorgeous vampire wedding gown for a wedding taking place on October 31st of this year. Our talented dress maker even included a matching black veil. It turned out beautifully. I'll post pics as soon as I can. Welcome to Vampire Empire!

LadyDarkRayne said:


What a beautifully elaborate site you have created, all for the love of The Vampire. There is nothing more romantic and yet still fearful as the Vampire. I stumbled upon your site while I was searching for Vampire themed ballgowns. I was not disappointed when I saw what you have listed here.I belong to a Vampire Social Network, you should check it out you can use that link i just listed to do so. Darkest Blessings LadyDarkRayne

Constance (mod) said:

Hey Conor! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a note. So honored to think Price would be proud. If any of my loyal readers reading this are into festivals, Conor runs the be-all-end-all site on great festivals. You can find it at Cheers!

Conor from Festivalpig said:

Hey Constance, nice site- Vinnie Price would be proud :)

Constance (mod) said:

Hi Helen. Welcome! Funny, I run across info on Kristen Lawrence when I am doing research for my site. Thanks for sharing a good tip with us. ;)

Helen said:

There is a cool song called "Vampire Empire" that would fit right into this website. Look up on YouTube Kristen Lawrence to hear it. She has other Gothic songs, too.

Constance (mod) said:

Love the vampire pun! The Empire is based out of NC so I think lunch will be out of the question regardless of cloud coverage. :-) I used to have a direct link for the vamp wine however they are undergoing some changes. I will repost it as soon as I can. It's a fun product and the wine is actually quite pleasant.

Craig said:

Connie, are you local? how do i get some wine? if you are local we should do lunch, however, sunlight may not be good for you, vampire and all!

Constance (mod) said:

Crys... Thanks for stopping by! And, thank you for your awesome compliments on my website. 'The Wait' is a great poem. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the married couple or the website. I did however, try and do some research for you to find out and I stumbled across this:

Twilight Ophera Queen of the Night (Darkness is thy Kingdom Part ii) Lyrics: Crowned with fire dark embrace from the shady kingdom of desire ...Come to me... Queen of the Night Silence breaks with screams of denial ...In endless faith I call you... Arise!

Your moist warm breath upon my skin Ignites a pulsing flame within Eyes can't sescribe the burn I feel I cannot resist, thought the pain is so strong It's like... the ending notes of one last song

"Your world is false, but I am real Light pours forth on the blinded eyes You face the truth of your self-demise Shadows slowly dim the light Darkness intrudes in your silent world You are the one who travels by night More lonely you'll be in the world you scorn You are an angel disgraced... Queen of the Night"

Like the raven is black, black are the secrets in me In flames I shall eternally burn, to purify my sinful heart Darkness tightly holding me, the darkness is she... Throned as the night's queen

Release me from this pain (Queen of the Night) In darkness bring thy light (Queen of the Night)

Lyrics look familiar? Very interesting.

Crys said:

Hey Constance, I absolutely love your empire!!! (Anne Rice and Buffy/Angel rule). I had a question I was hoping you could help me with. 10 years ago I found a vampire poetry website. The site was run and created by a married couple and they both had their own section on their site with their own poetry. I remember having read the wife's poetry and it really had an influence on me. I found my favorite poem of hers on the Internet on numerous sites including some poser's myspace blogs attempting to pass it off as their own. The poem was called "The Wait." Your moist, warm breath upon my skin ignites a pulsating flame within Words can not describe the way I feel My world is false yet you are real One lasting taste, one fatal kiss Will leave me in eternal bliss You know you have power over me So why prolong my misery? I can not withstand your deadly lure My life is yours of that I'm sure So when you choose to seal my fate It will be worth the grueling wait

Do you happen to remember this site or know this married couple? Thanx Constance!

Vampire Empire Editor Constance (mod) said:

Craig, So nice to hear from you! (cue the music from 'it's a small world') Kim told me you might be dropping by. Glad you did. XD

Craig Zumstein said:

Connie nice to see your doing well !

Vampire Empire Editor Constance (mod) said:

Courtney that is so cool that you are reading and enjoying vampire books. As I've said... Anne Rice is my favorite author. ;) I am on the first book of the House of Night Series. I am really enjoying it. As far as poetry, I don't really have any tips except maybe to check out our many, many vampire poems on this site. All of them vampire themed! Maybe you'll get some inspiration. XD

Courtney said:

Hey Constance, I absolutely love vampire books. I have read many books on vampires but there were only two i actually like (Vampire Academy series and the house of night series) Now i am reading the Last vampire series and i think it is great. I read a few poems but now i want to write a poem have you got any tips ?

Constance (mod) said:

Kryssi! Welcome... nice to have you around. I enjoyed 'Thirst.' For those who haven't read it yet, head on over to 'Vampire Poems' on the Nav bar. Glad you like the sight. We look forward to more of your contributions too.

Kryssi said:

Hello Constance I wrote "Thirst" Ive been writing vampire poetry for as long as i can remember I have not read may vampire books except the twilight saga witch was misleading in many ways i do not think vampires sparkle... personally i just joined the sight it is very intriguing i hope to contribute more to the sight

Vampire Empire Editor Constance said:

David, which pic are you considering? Feel free to answer through my Contact Us form on my Nav bar if you would prefer to keep it private.

David said:

hi Constance my interest in vampires is of a different nature but that's another story but i am looking for a really good pic to use as a tattoo and was wondering if i could use one for a design

Constance (mod) said:

Jules! Welcome... maybe when you finish your novella you can come back here and share it with us. I look forward to it. :)

Jules said:

I felt like I was reading about myself through someone else's eyes: I love watching scary movies, am intrigued by vampires and in love with the Anne Rice vampires as well.

I'm actually working on a novella guessed it...vampires! :)

Sarah said:

You have the best vampire art on the web. I love your site!

Vampire Empire Editor Constance said:

Beth! Thank you so much. That is such a nice compliment. I hope you stick around for along time. I will be adding some new art pieces shortly.

elizabeth said:

hello my name is elizabeth but people call me beth for shorter reason and i think your story is awesome

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