Vampire Film From Malayalam

I am very fond of vampire movies. I watch as much as I get a chance to see.

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Before some years there was a hit movie in Malayalam. The movie's name was Lisa. It was a malayalam film.

The story begins in a cool manner. A lady named Bama comes to another state to join for job. She was to stay in women's hostle. Room no.13.

In this very room once another lady has stayed named Lisa and she was killed very cruely. Her boss tried to miss behave with her. To escape from this situtation she jumped from the balcony and was killed.

Moreover her friend had cheated and sent her to the villen boss.

Now in this Lisa's room Bama comes to stay. For two days every thing goes well. After that she feels some odd experience in that room.

The hostel ladies feel frighened to make her as friend. One day after work, Bama enters her hostle room, suddenly some force pulls her inside and door it automatically shuts.

After some struggling Lisa's ghost enters Bama's body. Actually Lisa wants to take revenge through Bama.

After this incidence Bama starts to behave like Lisa. Then through Bama's body Lisa takes her revenge, by killing her boss and her cheated friend.

After revenging she leaves Bama's body, but to leave Bama's body her relatives took lots of trouble. At last every thing ended happily.

This was a very hit movie. Some people were mentally shocked by seeing this movie

There are many more characters in this movie. Film's music are all very effective. Children are not allowed to see this movie.


While this post does sound quite creepy and worth checking out, I am not sure if it is a vampire movie. I have not seen it so I can not be certain but based on the info above it does not sound like the characters are vampires.

Someone feel free to correct me if I am wrong.


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