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Vampire Fancy Dress or Gothic Bridal Gowns

Breathtaking handmade Tudor style two piece vampire gown. Our exquisite vampire fancy dress can be used as black gothic wedding gowns. All our vampire dresses can double as gothic style wedding dresses or gothic prom dresses.

This particular vampire dress is created by Lindsay from Enchanted Threads. We showcase several of Lindsay’s handmade gothic dresses here.

vampire gown
Copyright(©)2010 Talented Art of Lindsay
of Enchanted Threads.
We here at Vampire Empire are fans of Lindsay’s handmade gothic dresses. The one this page showcases is titled 'Bess' and makes not just a great vampire gown but also perfect for unique gothic prom dresses or gothic bridal gowns as well.

As we mentioned, this stunning Tudor style two piece vampire gown is made to order. All the vampire dresses you'll find on our pages are all top quality.

This vampire dress consists of a bodice with separate skirt.

The bodice has a padded front in order to create a stable and yet comfortable support for the shape in the front.

gothic bridal gowns
Copyright(©)2010 Talented Art of Lindsay
of Enchanted Threads.
It is also very intersting to see with this dress how you can change it from stunning, to believe it or not, even more exquisite by just adding a small jewel or broach to the front of the dress.

Also, although this particular jewel is not included, imagine how creative you can get enhancing and changing from one look to another just by adding your favorite jewel piece.

The sleeves are made to create a layered look with faux velvet over mantles and damask forearms trimmed in cream lace.

The neckline is finished in velvet with cording. The bodice is lined in cotton.

The skirt had a tie up waist band and has a small train. It also features a damask front panel.

gothic prom gowns
The dress comes hemmed in a length to suit you. The skirt is not lined (worn with a hoop in the picture which is not included).

This vampire dress has a lace up back which is reinforced with 2 bones in order to prevent scrunching when tightening. Another plus!

Available in many great sizes including as a plus size gothic dress, this vampire dress can be made upwards to a size 18.

Materials that will be used are cotton, velvet and damask.

This dress can be made in other fabrics, please contact us for further information.

What continues to amaze us here at Vampire Empire is that Lindsay hand makes every gown. Not only are the gowns beyond beautiful but each one is pain stakingly crafted. This black and white vampire gown is one of our favorites.

We can't even imagine the amount of time she must passionately spend for each and every lovely vampire fancy dress.

Now the truly amazing thing is how she is able to bring her talent to us at the price she does. We just don't know how she does it.

Again, materials that will be used to create this exquisite, made to order, gothic dress are cotton, velvet and damask. The perfect combination for your perfect gothic or vampire look.

Each of the 'Bess' gothic formal dresses are hand made to order and, currently, take about four weeks for completion.


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