Vampire High

by Jo Groenewoud
(The Netherlands)

Professor Murdoch aka David McilWraith of Vampire High

Professor Murdoch aka David McilWraith of Vampire High

Vampire High review submitted by VE guest Jo

This gem of a TV show was slow in the beginning but got better and better as the season progressed. It wasn't just a straight forward Vampire story otherwise it wouldn't have captured my attention.

On Vampire High, five Vampires have been chosen to save the Vampires as a race by a faction led by the Enlightened Elders.

This is necessary because the Vampires are engaged in a civil war against another faction led by the Fury who is hell bent on destroying the exisitng order in the world.

The way the Vampires are trying to re-capture their human side is engaging but the fact that they are receiving instruction from a mysterious and enigmatic teacher Professor Reginald Murdoch.

Who in their right mind would want to instruct Vampires in how they can capture their lost human tendencies, and apparently has no fear of them.

And to add to all this mystery he teaches students during the day and the Vampires at night so when does he sleep?

Professor Murdoch head master of Mansbridge Academy on Vampire High is played by David McilWraith fantastic the way her portays his role is captivates your attention almost directly.

Drew French aka Jeff Roop the melancolic Vampire hates the fact that he has been turned into a Vampire. His special power is that he is empathic and is drawn to peoples emotions, and when he uses his painting skills he draws the life force out of the object that he is painting.

Karl Todman aka Paul Hopkins the youngest Vampire his attribute is great strength, the person who matches his strength is the Professor and that fascinates him greatly. He is of the Vampires still closest to his human emotions.

Marty Strickland aka Joris Jarsky the rebellious Vampire, his power is telekenisis, did he join the experiment with ulterior motives no one knows. He paricularly enjoys teasing the other Vampires in their efforts in regaining their human qualities especially Drew.

Essie Rachamova aka Karen Cliche the gorgeous sexy Russian Vampire who is totally into fashion. Her powers of persuasion extemely strong and she can influence everyone with her thoughts, with one exclusion the Professor.

Merrill Young aka Ilona Elkin the smartest of the Vampires and the most driven in capturing lost emotions. Her powers are that she can read minds and dream slide.

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