Vampire Love Poem 'A Vampire's Kiss'

by laneta_rose hathaway

The Last Vampire Kiss

The Last Vampire Kiss

Vampire Love Poem 'A Vampire's Kiss'

Love such an odd word
a word not used right these days
love is incredible
love is amazing
well as some say
but what if your love couldn't come out in the day
what if your love was more complicated then most

He steps out to meet his love he's been waiting the day away but as he steps and gets closer he fears he can not control himself he is scared he will hurt the only thing dear to him.

He is worried the blood lust will prevail over his love for her.

He hears her knock and knows she'll be worried he opens the door knowing what he must do he must say good bye to his only love

It's the manly thing to do and then in the morning he'll make an end to him he'll turn into ash just like he planned.

He walked to the door and gave it a pull what he saw next was not something he wanted to see not ever his love of his life stood there with tears in her eyes.

"Oh dont leave me. I know that you think you are more dangerous then anything but I promise you this, I can't live without you. I just won't so dont try to make me.

If you leave I'll follow where ever it takes me.
If you die I'll die and be right behind you"

As he wipes a tear that rolled down her cheek "my dear I do love you so but I'm afraid I must go. You must live your life to the fullest enjoy I'll be with you in the end and it then nothing will ever separate us."

And as if on cue the sun rose to a point and he stood there and watched it. His first sunset in over a 1000 years.

"I love you my dear and never forget it. I'll wait for you always." And with a kiss he was gone and all that was left was ash and a tingle on her lips from her last vampire love's kiss.

Vampire Love Poem 'A Vampire's Kiss' by Laneta Rose Hathaway

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