Vampire Love Poem 'Prey'

by Leigh

Vampire Love Poem 'Prey'

This is a cruel game of chase
Every day is a maze
And my mind is like an incomplete puzzle
There are still pieces missing,
And I'm sure they are in your hands

vampire chocolate
But this is the way we must live
For the hunter and the prey
Are never meant to meet off the battlefield
For if I see you anywhere else
In a place where you can't draw a weapon
It will only make it harder when you have to kill me

I am your target
Nothing other than a mark
This union is a sin
In this futile situation,
There is no way to win

We dance around the truth
Avoiding it every moment that doesn't have to be
Stained by dark red blood
We are supposed to be enemies
Yet taking away your life
Is something I cannot do

I know by the look in your eyes
That this love will be our demise
But this is the lie we have chosen to live
When we first set foot across the dividing line

A family lost to my kind
It's an ironic fate you have received
To be in love with a creature like me
The vampire slayer and his prey
We are a doomed pair

The vampire and her enemy
The man meant to kill her
In the end, blood will be spilt

The only part of our future that is uncertain
Is who will be able to take the other's life

Who shall raise weapon against the one they love?
Which one of us will destroy the precious smile
Reflected in the killer's eyes until the last moments?

Vampire Love Poem 'Prey' - written by Leigh

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