Vampire Love Poetry Immortality

by Leigh

Vampire Love Poetry 'Immortality'

The name of the existence desperately sought after
By so many foolish mortals, afraid to die
The sight of their own blood makes them panic
The terror of the time when they close their eyes
And they fall into eternal sleep, never to open again
Drives them to seek the greatest of curses

It's true, for those possessing this 'gift' cannot die
Neither sword nor gun can extinguish our lives
But the pain of every wound that should have been fatal
Is an unforgettable burden to bear

It makes us live, roaming the land for all eternity
The people we meet are fleeting
They disappear into the mists of time
Leaving behind only sorrowful rhyme

If there is any fortune to this state,
It's being able to stay at our side, forever
Our lives may one day burn out
If the need of blood is not satisfied

My beloved immortal,
Until that day comes
When we loose to the thirst that makes us cursed
I shall stay at your side, always
We'll sail across the sea of the lost
And walk along the cliff beside the abyss of nothingness

The cursed blessing, immortality
That is the reason we can remain together
We exist in the plane of existence between heaven and hell
Two beliefs revered and feared by mortals
We keep our secrets to ourselves
Embracing the immortality we have been both blessed and cursed with
As we venture out into the dark of night

Vampire Love Poetry 'Immortality' - written by Leigh

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