Vampire Love

by Cara

Vampire Love

I feel like I’m missing some grand piece
I just can’t seem to feel entire
I’m thirsty again, so sorry dear,
I’m feeling just a bit vampire.

Vampire like the way we once loved.
Caution, denial, rejection, regret.
We plead for a new life, this one is a mere shell.
I wish I could be less what they expect.

But I'm bound by this condition, this vampire love
And nobody could fathom what it's like
To be able to hold survival in your hands
Your only true death in form of a wooden spike

You can’t imagine my every thought
To value mortality like a city of gold
To waste life wishing you were dead
Wishing that one day you could grow old

I wish you didn’t think I was beautiful
At heart I’m a monster without a home
I may look human, but I’m not.
Those times, I’m afraid, are long and gone.

I avoid them all and drink animal’s blood
Living this filthy half-life, half-game
Wishing I didn’t have to always hide
Wishing you and I were just the same

I know you want me and know my truths
But love’s so pointless when all there is
Is giving you my misery
I’m afraid we’ll never ever kiss

Protection is so futile when
Your death draws nearer every day
But giving you this vampire life
Would mean in this world you’d have to stay

You’d never forgive that sin, my dear
And though I want you by my side
I’d never let you be one of us
It’d just be better if you died

I can’t let you make this mistake
So don’t be mad and know this true
I suffer from this vampire life
And I will always mourn for you.

Vampire Love - Written by C.H. Eskew

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I really like this poem
by: Cheryl

I reread this vampire poem three times and like it more and more each time. Thanks for sharing it.

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