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Beautiful vampire man. Original male vampire artwork. Mesmermizing talented vampire drawing of gorgeous male vampire.

I love when Vampire Empire stumbles across a stunning piece of vampire artwork that HAS to become part of it's pages of original vampire art. Such is the case with our next talented vampire inspired art work.

vampire man
Copyright(©)2010 Talented Vampire Art K. E. Myatt. Contact
us through our contact page for more information on this artist.

This page showcases a beautiful image of a vampire man drawing titled 'Ketsueki' and comes to us from United Kingdom's talented artist K.E Myatt.

The artist states that 'Ketsueki' is a character from their own vampire novels. He is highly spiritual and in touch with alternate dimensions in the world the story is set in. He witnessed the massacre of his family when he was very young and was transformed into a vampire somewhere in his early twenties.

Sounds like an interesting novel!

This piece is so stunningly beautiful. The male vampire deplicted in this drawing is captivating. His eyes are incredible. His expression beguiling. Plus, let's not forget his hair... his gorgeous, gorgeous hair. I want a vampire man like this one!

We are honored to feature this digital vampire drawing and hope you enjoy it too!

More on this artists:

Beauty and horror is one of K. E. Myatt's greatest inspirations and this can be seen throughout their artwork. This artist in enthralled by darkness and its alluring nature and nothing gruesome or grotesque is without its own beauty.

K. E. Myatt started drawing with pencil, ink and watercolour but later progressed to digital mediums.

When not perusing their avid interest in the paranormal or exploring the moody landscape of their home-land, the artist paints for fun and for private clients, having over 7 years of experience in selling their work around the world.

K. E. Myatt has also been published in Gothic Art Now, a book dedicated to the best in contemporary gothic art and had several exhibitions as well as done work for album covers.

In the future the artist hopes to publish their own novels and novellas as well as continue to work as a freelance artist.

If you would like to learn more about or contact artist K.E. Myatt, or if you would like to learn more about obtaining custom original vampire art of your own please contact us through our Vampire Empire contact form or visit

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