Vampire Movies Blade Trinity

by Ethan

Blade Trinity

Blade Trinity

As far as favorite vampire movies, Blade Trinity is a favorite. It has a lot of action and a great vampire storyline.

There is an introduction to a new vampire called Drake. He can walk in the daylight.

Blade joins a group called Night Stalkers. They are vampire hunters.

The vampires awaken Dracula. They want to use his blood to become day walkers.

Blade and his Gang make a virus to kill all vampires. There is a battle. Blake is trying to stop them from turning the world into a world where vampires rule.

Humans think he is a bad guy. Whistlers daughter, who is one of the people in the gang, was a former vampire .

I think it is strange how Blade is going to kill all the vampires and he is half vampire himself.

This is a very good vampire movie. If you haven't seen it you should go. It has alot of action and the movie seems to get better as you get into the story.

I think all the Blade movies are good but I think of all the vampire movies Blade Trinity is the best because there is a vampire that can walk in daylight.

Also I like that they finally have Dracula in the movie and I like the battle to save human kind. The story line is really good also.

I think it is sad that Blades friend Whistler died. I think he dies in the first or the second movie.

I think it is cool that his daughter is in the gang and she wants to avenge her dad and she is a good fighter.

I like the idea in Blade Trinity of coming out with a new vampire that can go out in the sunlight it makes it more scary because now they can hunt in the day.

In the movie Blade is surrounded by vampires and he fights and now he has a gang to help him.



Thank you for your vampire movie review. I agree with you, Blade Trinity is a bad ass vampire flick. The entire Blade series is worth recognition on this site.


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u guys r stupid
by: Anonymous

u guys r retarded blade trinity was one of the worst movies i have ever seen
Seriously lincoln burrows from prison break is f***king dracula for christs sake i couldnt think of a more miscast role..ever
someone just has no taste....

The Blade Trilogy Vampire Movies
by: Jon C.

My most favorite vampire movie or vampire movies is the blade trilogy. It's a little more action packed, it has a different take on the vampire (being African American and half-human) and it is a lot more fun than sexy or over dramatic.

The twilight series is okay as far as movies go. They are a little expected though.

The series on HBO, Trueblood is a great take on the vampire tale. It goes a little deeper into all things weird and odd that live in one world. It's not just about the vampire.

But I really like the vampire movies Blade Trinity and the entire Blade trilogy.

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