Vampire Names

Extensive List of Vampire Names

Extensive true vampire names list. List of gothic names including female vamp names. Goth names taken from vampires in history.

This list was pain stakingly compiled from all of the most popular pop culture phenomenons in vampire history. And yes, it took a good bit of time.

If you can't find an awesome choice in this list of vampire names then you are just not looking hard enough. See any that look familair?

Vampire Gothic Names

Akabar Alec Alejandro Alice Cullen Alistair
Amun Andre Angel Angelus Armand
Aro Athenodora Aura Barnaby Belle Morte
Benjamin Bianca Solderini Bill Compton Bubba Caius
Carlisle Cullen Carmen Charkes Charlotte Chelsea
Chow Claudia Colin Dalton Damien
Daniel Molloy Darla Demetri Didyme Diego
Dracula Drusilla Eddie Gauthier Edward Cullen Eleazar
Emmett Cullen Eric Northman Esme Cullen Felipe de Castro Felix
Gabrielle de Lioncourt Garett Godfrey Godric Hadley Delahoussaye
Harmony Kendall Heidi Irina Itzpapaloti James
Jane Jasper Hale Jean Claude Jesse McNally Jessica Hamby
Jessica Miriam Reeves Kachiri Kakistos Kate Kebi
Khayman Laurent Lestat de Lioncourt Liam Lorena
Louis de Pointe du Lac Luke Mael Maggie Magnus
Makare Makeal Makenna Marcus Marharet
Marius De Romanus Marmee Noir Minka Morte D'Amour Morvoren
Mr. Oliver Musette Nicolas de Lenfent Nicolas Knight Nikolaos
Padma Pam Pandora Peter Peter Threadgill
Petronia Randall Renata Renesmee Cullen Riley
Rosalie Hale Russell Edgington Sabin Samuel Santino
Senna Sigebert Siobhan Sophie-Anne Leclerq Spike
Stan Davis Stefan Sulpicia Tanya Tarquin Anthony Blackwood
Thorne Tia Victoria Vladimir Warrick
William Wybert Yvette Zafina

Feel free to keep our extensive list of vampire names growing and growing! Any vampire or gothic names that you can think of to add to the list?

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draculara said:

because it Dracula's daugter from monster high

Vampire Names said:

Willie McCoy, the Dragon, The Day Father, Serephina, Augustine, Wicked & Truth (Brothers), Samuel, Requiem, Damian, Musette, Sabin, Warrick, Vittorio, Valentine, Valentina, Asher, Alejandro, Theresa, Bartolome...

Nix said:

sabella, annmarie,sage, Lore <--(male name)furie, myst, akasha, ayasha,

Nikaealisa said:

@shani im reading those books right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the ! the vampie kisses books im on book 5!!!

Arc Angella said:

adore Godric

Shani said:

Alexander Sterling, Jagger and Luna and Valentine Maxwell, Onyx and Scarlet and Sebastian. All vampire names.

Vicky said:

Way to not add Edward or Bella :P <3

jacob said:

no but my friend is

Cara said:

Xavier is a good one(:

ahmed said:

Please answer quickly!

ahmed said:

Hello, I'm Ahmed Vampire .. Of the tribe of Alvei R,,, Is there anyone here from the tribe of Alkosst¿¿

Megan said:

Oh lol just realized you had another spelling of it up there. nevermind. :)

Megan said:

Mairead is jesse's aunt in Queen of the Damned. It's a Gaelic name meaning pearl. (Megan in English) :)

Constance said:

Thanks Alice. Vladimir is already on the list (wedged between Victoria and Warrick), Vincent, however, is not. Good one to add. Caroline, Sid is a good one also.

Alice said:

What about Vladimire, any vampire fan would know about him.

VincentCaroline said:

How about Sid?

Constance (mod) said:

It's not a matter of forgetting. It was a matter of stopping. The above list is not all inclusive by any means. It is only a start and at some point I had to stop thinking of more names and actually get the page built. Elizabeth is a fine addition to the ever growing list.

Elizabeth said: i cant believe u left that out

Constance (mod) said: Jean Claude is up there. He's actually highlighted as a link that leads to a gorgeous painting of Jean Claude. Check it out, it's beautiful. We do custom paintings here too! Ever consider being forever immortalized in a painting?

Jean Claude said:

From The Laurell Hamilton book series he's the master vampire of the city. you can't forget him.

Constance (mod) said:

Considering Queen of the Damned is my favorite book, I can not believe I left Akasha off of my extensive list. I do have Armand up there though. I could write a whole page about him alone. YUM. Very cool on your sons name being

Lestatsexxxy said:

i just mentioned to names akasha and armand and i just wanted to say that i did name one of my kids lestat and it suits him so well, he is my little vamp and if i have another kid these are the names that i will consider first......

akasha and armand said:

these names are also from queen of the damned

Constance (mod) said:

Ember... I love it! How foolish of me to leave Ember off the list. It is a fantastic vampire name.

Ember Shultz said:

Yes there is one name that I took the liberty to noticing was not on here.

EmberRobi said:

they rock i mean vamps

Jessica. said:

I hate people that say they are vampiree because its obvious that if you are one, you wouldnt go putting it all over the internet. Yes i do belive vampires are real, and yes i would love to be one. But if people say they are one, its obvious there not.

Tip (Eve) said:

Its like being addicted to a drug you can never quit!

maria said:


cheryl said:

i would love to see a vampire! the amount of times i have seen vampire films they all seem so loving.

Constance (mod) said:

Melanie, I'm not sure what you are asking but I know of a whole slew of vamps in 2010. Daybreakers hit theaters in January bringing us another vampire named Edward. Eclipse comes to theaters this summer bringing some of our favorite vamps back. I love Dakoto Fanning as Jane. Who knew she could pull it off? Season 2 of True Blood comes out this month and season 3 starts next month. I's say, yes, there are still vampires in 2010. ;)

melanie said:

Is there still vampires in the 2010

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