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Black and White Female Vamp Pic

Erotic vampire photo depicting beautiful girl being turned into a vampire. Black and white vampire picture that comes across sexy even in its suffering. Female vamp with fangs showing.

black and white girl vampire photo
Copyright(©)2010 Talented Vampire Art of Chelsie aka Zimswife.
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Vampire art comes in all forms. We share many types of it here on this website from customized vamp photos to talented, highly detailed vampyre paintings. The image we have for you here on this page is expressive photography in black and white.

I fell in love with this photo the second I saw it. It is very sensual. There is something inherently beautiful about it. It comes to us from artist and photographer Chelsie aka Zimswife

As described by the artist, this art piece "A Vampire's Scream" was inspired by the movie "Interview With The Vampire" based off when Louie turns into a vampire after being bit by Lestat. She tried to capture the feeling of terror from an unwilling human turning into a vampire. It also could capture the emotion of a vampire being staked to death and capture the suffering and pain.

We here at Vampire Empire feel she captured it beautifully.

More on this artist...

Hey, my name is Chelsie. I am a dark artist. I have been drawing for six years and greatly appreciate dark, gothic, depressing, or horror themed art. I've always loved blood, vampires, zombies, and gore. I take a lot of my inspiration for my art from the famous paintress Victoria Frances. I can relate to every single one of her paintings in some way. I often let my art describe my feelings at the time. Thank you for visiting my page! :)

What others have said about this vampire photo...

"Excellent emotion captured! It looks like you just got bitten and you're changing."

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