Vampire Poem Deception Of Blood

by Leigh

Vampire Poem 'Deception of Blood'

A flawlessly beautiful body
She stands out amongst any crowd,
Drawing stares from all around

Gentle hands, elegant fingers
Almost inhuman grace
Whether she’s simply ascending the stairs
Or dancing in a long gown
Her movements seem almost surreal

A perfect, always smiling face
She never shows despair

Never could he imagine blood dripping from her lips

He wouldn't believe it could be a lie
Convincing himself there was no reason
For her to deceive him
He returns her uncaring smile with a genuine one

He is sure they're all wrong
Enchanted by her perfection,
He couldn't imagine it is merely a deception

As they get closer, meeting in the moonlight hours,
The many warnings seem to fade away
Every time she reaches out, beckoning him to follow
He takes her pale hand with a fool's smile

The charade continues on
Day after day
The burden of the lies grow heavier
As the lust for blood grows stronger

When the fateful time comes,
When the falsehood becomes clear,
And her fangs sink deep into his skin,
He wonders how he could be such a fool

The deception of blood abruptly ends
As he is discarded as like any other tool
Although the taste of his blood was divine,
His life was extinguished by the merciless hand of time

Vampire Poem 'Deception of Blood' - written by Leigh

©2010 =TheFinalHikari

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