Vampire Poem 'Eternal Ending'

by Hannah Lee Pendergrass
(Greer, S.C., U.S.A. )

Vampire Poem

Vampire Poem

Vampire Poem 'Eternal Ending'

waiting for the sun to set.
looking around for an easy kill.
eyes blood red.

vast amounts of strength.
always living on the planet.
everything draws you in.
then you are one of them.

thirsty for blood.
nothing more.
always on the lookout.
for the taste of human blood.

others feed off of animals.
it still dosen't fill them.
like a carnivore going onto a no meat diet.
a disaster from the start.

we don't care what you think.
if we are strange,
it's all a compliment.

we know all of your moves,
were you run,
and where you go to hang out all the time.

Marble skin,
nevering eating,
white teeth with not even a spot.
Draws you in.
Once you are caught,
you never leave our side.
Until it is too late.

You are comsumed
in the sweet smell.
never leaving to get fresh air.
you have an almost painful death.

The sun is down
time to have fun.
throwing huge rocks.
to be never found again.
earthquakes from jumping,
lighting from playing baseball,
thunder from the crack of the bat.
these are our sounds.

Vampire Poem 'Eternal Ending' - Written by Hannah Lee Pendergrass

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