Vampire Poetry - Angel Of Despair

by Morbus Exsecror

Vampire Poetry - Angel Of Despair

Creeping through the shadows,
Embracing the darkness of the night.
No saint in my soul.
No intimacy in my bite.

Searching through the gloom
For someone to fulfill my need.
Peeking in a lightless room,
I am overcome with greed.

In the moons vaporous glowing,
Two figures lie motionless in bed.
Both of them unknowing
That in minutes they'll be dead.

The window is unlocked-
Oh what a grave mistake
I slip through in silence, slightly shocked
As I see her lying there...awake.

Her soft red hair fell upon the pillow
As she brushed it from her eyes.
She stared at me in the moons white glow,
Unpleasantly surprised.

Her partner lay there sleeping
As her face went white with fear.
My blood-stained fangs induced her weeping.
Her body froze when I wiped her tear.

Taking her by the hand,
I escorted her from the room.
She was reluctantly at my command
As I led her to her doom.

Her eyes looked at me wildly.
I said "Do not bother to resist."
But she jerked and twisted so violently,
She broke the grip upon her wrist.

Foolishly she turned her back
And I appeared like a ghost.
Launching a most vicious attack,
I tore open her throat.

My nails dug deep into her arms,
Holding her firmly in place.
Aggressively drinking, lacking vampyric charm,
Swallowed by ecstasy as my heartbeat raced.

Her eyes glared back at mine,
Saddened with utter disbelief,
As her heart beat one last time,
Unleashing a sigh tinted with grief.

Still savoring the deadly affair,
Slipping into the brisk black night,
Once again the Angel of Despair
Has taken another victim with his bite.

Vampire Poetry 'Angel Of Despair'written by Morbus Exsecror

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