Female Vampire Victim

Beautifully Portrayed In This Vampire Artwork

This breathtaking vampire painting features an exquisite vampire victim being held in the arms of her dark vampire man.

Vampire Empire did it again! Searched through hundreds of artists from all over the world to find only the best vampire artwork to bring to you.

female vampire victim
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This vampire painting is titled 'Vampire Hidden' and is no exception to our quest for the finest.

Brought to us and created by artist Esther Sanz, it is one of our site favorites to date.

The mood in the painting is undeniable and deplicted perfectly. The dress our lovely victim is wearing is gorgeous right down to every last detail.

I am especially fond of the exquisitely detailed gothic vampire cross around her delicate neck.

The strong vampire man holding her watches as his hunters search the streets for him.

All the while the night sky adding to this telling story.

Simply beautiful.vampire man vampire artwork

More on the artist...

Esther Sanz is based out of Spain and enjoys themed art about fantasy, gothic, and mythologic.

In "Vampire Hidden, Esther wanted to try to "tell a scene." The vampire painting includes a beautiful female vampire victim, a vampire man and a persecutor all in the dark streets. Esther placed the characters in the scene in action and states, "I tried to not use typical colors (red,violet...blue night) and specially painted with yellows and green."

We're glad she did and proudly add her piece to our vampire art collection.

Other artists comments...

female vampire victim "I really liked how the light shines on the girl and the glow around the moon and building windows."

"Awesome work! Love this one, very well done."

"Great job! wonderful painting and a fantastic scene. good atmosphere and wonderful details. The dress looks amazing!"

"I love ths picture! Pictures which tell a story are the best and most interesting. Your use of colors really contribute to the tense atmosphere. The woman's dress is absolutely lovely."

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If you would like to learn more about obtaining custom art or if you would like to learn more about Esther Sanz, please contact us through our Vampire Empire contact form.

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