Vampire Wine To Die For

Vampire Gifts of Vampire Wines

Unique vampire wine including vampire merlot, vampire pinot noir, vampire red. No need to search the vampire stores looking for your unique vampire gifts. You just stumbled on one of the best.

vampire wine

If you haven't tried vampire wine yet, you really need to. I'm not kidding. It's not just that this dark wine makes for a great conversation starter or that it really makes terribly clever and unique vamp gifts or gothic gifts but, in all honesty, it is not a bad tasting wine

vampire wine When I first came across this red wine I wasn't sure what to make of it. Yes, I thought the vamp inspired name and the bottle were totally cool but I wasn't sure if it was a real valued product or just some creative fun. Turns out, it's both.

I could go on about the cabernet being not too sweet and not too dry at the same time or carry on about the hints of some of the darker fruits all the while knowing no matter what I say, I will have some clever self proclaimed wine connoisseur trying to debate me. Really trying it for yourself will be your best bet.

Plus, seriously, for 10 bucks you can't beat it.

vampire wineThere are also these great vampire sets that have the wine plus vampire chocolates (yes, there are chocolates!)

One of the sets I found to be most unique, and very cool I might add, is the Vampire in an Antique Suitcase.

I just love this idea. It makes me smile just writing about it. The vampire gift set includes one Vampyre Wine carrying Antique Suitcase. I just think that is so classy and fun.

Plus, one bottle of Dracula Syrah, one bottle of Merlot, 5 Dark and 5 Milk Belgian chocolate bars :insert happy dance: plus your choice of 1 bag of Vampire Coffee. OK, yes I failed to mention the coffee earlier. There is Vampire Coffee!

Have fun with this! I have only tried the cabernet and the Chateau Du Vampire Bordeaux Style Cabernet Blend (love the name!). There is also a vampire pinot noir, vampire merlot and many other reds and whites to choose from.

There is even a Vampire Vodka ! ;)

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